Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 15th April 2019

Welcome back to the final term of the year (the year has flown by!)

I hope you are all feeling refreshed and enjoyed some quality family time together.

We are now in the unusual situation of having 4 x 4 day weeks. The Easter holidays have been all over the place, even within Stretford this year and we now have Bank Holidays and Polling day closures - hence we don't finish until Friday 26th July this year (to make up the 190 term days). I've updated the calendar on here so you know what events we have got coming up this summer.

We have started the week with an assembly on the Christian festival of Easter. We've been listening to Rimsky Korsakov's Russian Easter Festival Overture and this week we will also be listening to various gospel choirs singing 'O Happy Day'. I've never seen the pupils look so cheerful as when we talked about the cultural tradition of school and workplaces being closed for Easter on Friday and Monday - not sure if this is a good thing!

Thank You

Thank you to all your 100% positive feedback from Open Week. I know that you enjoy the opportunity to learn alongside your child and we were full every day. Attendance at Parents' Evening was excellent as always and I know that parents appreciated the chance to have a longer appointment on a different day if needed to discuss their child's additional needs. Parental involvement in learinng is one of the key factors in a child's success and it really is a strength of our school!

Please do take time to fill in the questionnaire you were given at Parents' Evening - as I said to the parents who came for coffee on the last afternooon of term, we genuinely do use your feedback to help us improve and try new things. Spare copies are in the School Entrance.

We talked about lots of things over coffee, including our unoffical poll (see photo below) at Parents' Evening about ties for September 2019. We are discussing options at Governing Body level and will let you know later this half term what we are doing. The red polo shirts look fantastic this morning so I'm really pleased we changed from white. The logo polo shirts look super smart.

We also talked about parking and driving on Moss Park Road - we are aware of a child nearly being run over just recently. Our Road Safety Team will be out on the road again this half term - not just about safe and considerate parking, but also in light of what we now know about pollution caused by engine and exhausts. If you are watiing in your car around school, PLEASE turn off your engine.

A parent suggested a fantastic school project that works with pupils across the school about bullying and emotional health so we are looking into that too.

We have  a health and safety inspection in June and this is focusing on our playground systems - the physical grounds and supervision, first aid etc. The School Council have asked for an extension to the Fitness Trail - I have said yes - so we will wait to see the outcomes of the inspection before we choose the sections. Mr Boyer is working on the organisation of our playground to make sure all the pupils are safe (it's a big playground but we have 256 children out there at the same time), happy and occupied with enjoyable activities. We welcome a new Midday Supervisor today, Mrs Brown, and this appointment will mean more adults able to lead and supervise play activities.

That's all for now. Have a lovely extended Bank Holiday weekend off with the family!  Please tweet us your pictures if you are doing anything exciting!

Best Wishes,

Mrs Nunwick