Heateacher's Weekly Bulletin 4th March 2019

Good Morning everyone,

We have got a jam packed few weeks ahead of us so there are lots of things for me to tell you about in more detail here! 

We started the week with an assembly about the meaning of Lent for Christians. We watched a animation about Jesus going into the wilderness for 40 days, and spoke about challenges and difficult times in our lives. We then went on to talk about why pancakes are eaten on Shrove Tuesday. Our children are very lucky as some of the pancakes they are having tomorrow appear to be restaurant quality! Then I revealed that the pupils would be watching the staff from the different House Teams  competing for Team Points in a Pancake Race tomorrow. That went down really well, so look out for the photos!

Cross Country at Longford Park

Thanks to all chidren and families who came to Longford Park on Saturday to represent Moss Park. We have never had so many children come. Well done everyone. Betty got a 3rd place medal for our Y6 girls and Rayyan was our fastest Y5 boy out of dozens of challengers with Bichr not far behind. Kaia was our fastest Y5 girl. We are already working on a new secret training plan for the next competitions and hope to see even more faces there!

The Book Fair is on all week - it is situated in and around the Library - please come in to have a look with your child via the playground. It is in until 4.40 pm every night so you can still visit even if your child is in a club and pupils can bring money in to spend during the day too. The £1 Book Token can be used at the Fair.

World Book Day is on Thursday 7th March. Please don't stress about costumes - it is not necessary to dress up and there are lots of other ways your child can represent a book or book character (see earlier news). Please see the competition to design a bookmark coming home tomorrow.

PTFA Discos are after school on Thursday too. The lower juniors can bring their clothes into school to change into before the end of the day (Staff will dismiss children from the double doors in the hall). Upper juniors will be going home and then returning (in through the front doors and dismissed from the double hall doors please). Pupils can bring extra spending money for extra drinks, snacks and a brand new game... the Lucky Dip! We are aiming to raise £500 for PTFA funds at this disco and hope as many children attend as possible.

Comic Relief Day is on Friday 15th March. It always comes quite quickly after World Book Day so we are keeping it simple. Pajamas/dressing gown/onesie dress code - with crazy hair if you want to! Please donate £1 on the day. We will be running a joke competition too. Pupils bring in their funniest joke and each class will choose a winning joke. Winners will get a small chocolate prize and their joke will be published on the Class Website Page.

We will all be visiting Lostock College on the afternoon of Comic Relief for a Dance show

SENCO drop in Friday 15th March Mrs Foster is available all day for parents of children with special educational needs - please drop in throught the day. If your child is not on the SEN register, but you have some concerns about their progress, you are of course welcome to come and see Mrs Foster for advice too.

Open Week (Monday 18th March) letters are coming out later this week. We will be showcasing our teaching of English and all lessons will include some spelling and grammar challenges, alongside reading and writing activities. We are limited for space (which you will know if you have been before!) so we have a limit of 6 adults per class each session. One adult only per child please - if two parents come then that means another child might not be represented, which isn't fair.

Hope this bulletin is a useful update. Please don't hesitate to pop in and see me or give me a call/drop an email in if you have any questions, concerns or ideas. If I'm free I am available!

Best wishes,

Mrs Nunwick