Information for next week (Key Worker Families)

Hello everyone,

Things have changed since we sent out the forms last Friday! The PM has announced a lock down and the Government is also stressing that all children should stay at home if they possibly can do so. It's being made clear that self isolation at home is the safest bet for all of us.

This has hugely reduced our numbers, as families, in difficult circumstances, have decided to make alternative arrangements to sending them into school. We now have no pupils confirmed as booked in next week (1st week of Easter holidays Monday 30th March - Friday 3rd April 2020).

Trafford have instructed schools that if schools have fewer than 5 pupils, then any Key Worker child needing childcare will go to their Hub School. In our case this is Victoria Park Junior School. The Headteacher, Mrs Taylor, is welcoming in any of our pupils who need to go. Their number is 0161 912 5005. So if you do find yourselves stuck, you can have peace of mind that the children will be well cared for by our friends!

We are open to Key Worker children who need us  in the second week of the Easter holidays, which will include Monday 6th April to Thursday 9th April (it's Easter weekend after that). We know that we are on 'standby' for some of you rather than definite places and that is fine. We have the staff to cover so please don't stress about any work emergencies you may have. Towards the end of that week we will ask you to email us your schedule for the following 2 weeks. We know that no one can plan ahead too far in advance at the moment!

Lastly, may I wish you all the best as you go about performing vital services to the UK at this time of national need.

Mrs Nunwick and all the staff at MPJS