Information for next week (Key workers & EHCP/Social Care pupils)


We are totally closed to ALL pupils regardless of status on Monday 23rd March. As you will appreciate, the information from the DFE has come in very late, and as our fellow schools have agreed today, we need time to make sure we have health and safety procedures in place, to deep clean the school - we only have one site manager between the two schools at the moment - and allocate staff/usable areas etc. We need to minimise the risk to staff as well as pupils. We need to have systems to provide cover for staff who become ill or have to self isolate.

We will process all the key worker forms today and Monday. The Office will be open for bringing evidence in - and collecting Learning Packs if you have not been able to get in.

If you have provided evidence and this has been accepted, then you will receive an invite via text to bring your child to the front office on Tuesday 24th March from 8.30 am to be registered. Please do not attend school unless you have had the text. 

We have decided, in light of the higher than expected number of children expected, that we will keep Junior and Infant children separate in their own schools. We are still supposed to be 'social distancing' whatever our status, and we think this keeps pupils and staff more safe.

Your child should not attend school duirng this period if they or anyone else in your family has symptoms of Coronavirus: a temperature, a cough, fever and aching. They need to self-isolate for 14 days.

School hours will be 9.00 am to 3.30 pm, with the option for breakfast from 8.30 am. Please note that school will not be like a 'school' in this emergency period - it is an alternative childcare provision. Pupils do not need to wear uniform. Comfortable clothes and trainers are most suitable. Pupils will be supervised by a variety of school staff  during their time here. Please bring a packed lunch and plenty of water each day. Water fountains are closed for health and safety reasons.

Please note that on parents' days off, we do not expect that your child will be in school as the Government guidance is that all children are safer at home, and wherever possible, they should be cared for at home.

Some of you have requested childcare over the Easter holidays. This does not apply to pupils with EHCPs or Social Worker. Only Key Workers, and again, we expect that any parent on their day off cares for their own child at home during that period.

We hope that these measure mean that the pupils and staff will have a healthy and safe experience in school and that we can work together to ensure that we get the country through this national crisis.

Thank you,

Mrs Nunwick, the staff and governors at MPJS