May 2018 Newsletter

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MPJS Newsletter May 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are now into the busiest time of the school year. First, our year 6 sit their national tests, and then the rest of the school do their assessments. We have our usual events and trips, and of course, our teachers will be writing your child’s end of term reports, which will catalogue their achievements and successes over the course of another fantastic year at Moss Park Junior School.

Uniform/kit – all year round

The weather is heating up so can you please make sure pupils have sun cream applied before school, caps or hats on and water bottles if needed? In addition, we still have 9 weeks to go until we break up and pupils should wear their normal black school shoes (not sports trainers all day). It is expected that correct school uniform is kept up the same all year round and doesn’t tail off with a few months still to go. Please do provide a spare pair of trainers/pumps in PE bags, as we will still hopefully be on the field/grass more frequently in June/July! We also don’t allow backless sandals like mules, flip flops, thong sandals etc. for obvious health and safety reasons.

*Uniform updates for September 2018*

There are no radical changes for September 2018, but I will be including a preferred uniform option of ‘proper shirts’ over polo shirts. Polo shirts have a tendency to shrink and then you can’t tuck them in. Also quite a few pupils keep their polo shirts on for PE instead of bringing a t- shirt to change in to – which is not hygienic. We are replacing our round necked sweatshirts with V-neck sweatshirts and cardigans (they look very smart in some of the schools we have visited recently with either shirt or polo shirt underneath). In addition, we will be introducing a logo round neck PE shirt – polyester ‘climacool’ and with sun protection included (with no ironing needed!). John McHugh will be our official supplier. We will send out a full uniform list for September including photos as soon as the new designs are out and display them in our noticeboard too. Watch this space!

Website Pupil Blog Update

We are happy with our new website and hope you find it more user friendly than the old one. We want our pupils to be able to access the site for learning and to share the great things going on at Moss Park Junior School. The website host allows us a pupils-only blog forum, and pupils started trialling this. After feedback, we have decided not to go down this route. We feel our pupils are too young to start worrying about ‘likes’ and dislikes’ on their posts etc. We discussed this feature with the provider but we can’t take the ‘votes’ off, so for now, the pupils will be able to comment instead on their Class Page (‘Pupil Dashboard’) via their log ins in a supervised way.

Parking and Driving on Moss Park Road

Many complaints are directed at schools about dangerous driving on the roads at drop off/pick up time, but the only people who can change the situation are parents themselves. Whilst the council are exploring calming measures, that will take time and an accident could happen in the meantime.

  1. Parents are dropping off pupils in the middle of the road and letting them dart across – this is not safe. Park up further away please. If you are struggling to get somewhere safe to park, it is because you have arrived at the busiest time.
  2. We have a ‘drop and go’ system here – you can avoid the jams by arriving earlier and knowing a teacher is in the Playground from 8.40 am to supervise your child for the 8.50 am start. This means that you can drop your child off with us earlier, so that gives you more space and time – please try this approach.

Staffing Goodbyes

We are sorry to be losing three fantastic teachers at the end of the summer. Mrs Richardson and Mrs Grainger are leaving at the end of the summer. They have both been on the Moss Park Junior team for many years, and we thank them for their contribution, not just to the pupils they have taught, but to the development of the whole school for all the children. Miss Lee is also leaving, and we thank her for her great teaching and her work with the Glee Club and School Council. We will be collecting for these members of staff if you would like to contribute – details will be in the June newsletter.

Mr Myer, our superstar coach, is relocating back to Newcastle and he is going at the end of May. We are ‘gutted’ as they say in football, but have succeeded in getting his colleague Mr Jackson (who has been in before) all week for the rest of term and beyond. We chose him because we know he works like Mr Myer and the children will have a great learning experience.

Staffing Hellos

We always strive to make sure that we appoint the right teachers possible for our children as they deserve the best. The leadership team and I drove all over the North West so that we could observe teachers in their own classrooms and we are very pleased that we have been able to appoint Mrs Leach (currently teaching in Rochdale) and Miss Jones (currently teaching in Bury) to our team. They will both be able to attend our ‘Moving Up’ day in July to meet the pupils and will be visible around school before we start in September.

Dates for your Diary June/July (new dates may be added)

Monday 14th May

SATs week for all our Y6 pupils

Tuesday 15th May

We start the ethos Team’s ‘reverse calendar’ to collect donations for Barakah Food Aid during Ramadan. They have posted our letter on their Facebook page.

Thursday 17th May

Royal Wedding – Special Lunch outside

Friday 18th May

Golden Day – enrichment activities for great behaviour

PTFA – Royal Tea Party 

Yr6 Dodge ball at Stretford Leisure

Monday 21st May

  • Walk to School Week
  • Take One Picture Week
  • Y6 Cricket Team at Stretford Cricket Club

Wednesday 23rd May

  • Movie Day – raising money for Leavers’ Hoodies £1 + £1 snacks

Thursday 24th May

  • Y4 Class Assembly 9 am
  • Robinwood Parents & Pupils meeting – 6.00 pm in the hall

Friday 25th May

  • Last day of term
  • Sports Day (attempt 1 – weather dependent!)
  • Y6 Leavers photos for the Leavers Books

School Breaks up for two weeks

Monday 11th June 

Back to School

Artist in School Y4/Y3/Y6/Y5

Friday 15th June

Teachers and Pupils to visit Houses of Parliament

Monday 18th June

Y3 – Y5 end of year tests and teacher assessment week

Tuesday 19th June

Buddhist visit Y5 & Y6

Wednesday 20th June

Y2 New parents evening

Friday 22nd June

Y6 to Robinwood for the weekend

Monday 25th June

STEM WEEK + Open Week for Science, design technology, computing, maths across the curriculum *We will be asking for parent volunteers and experts too this week!*

Friday 6th July

Sports Day Reserve day 2

Tuesday 10th July

Year 6 Play @ 6pm

Thursday 12th July

Annual pupils reports out to parents

Friday 13th July

PTFA Summer fair afternoon including the ‘fiver challenge’

Wednesday 18th July

  • Year 3 to Trafford Music Extraffordganza
  • Drop in for feedback from reports 3.30 pm – 5.00 pm

Friday 20th July

Termly Achievement Assembly 9.00 am in the Hall

Yr6 trip to Stockport – Air Raid Shelters

Monday 23rd July

Leavers Party (4pm – 6pm)

Monday 23rd July

Winning House Team Reward event

Wednesday 25th July

  • Leavers Assembly 9.00 am
  • School breaks up at 3.30 pm

We return on Tuesday 4th September