Parents Factsheets for internet safety

Dear Parents,

There have been some upsetting stories in the media this week around an online scary character called MoMo that has been popping up on some websites for children and has been linked to pupils self harming. I have had a couple of parents mention this. We have decided not to publicise the Momo Challenge in a whole school way, as this potentially causes distress to hundred of pupils who would otherwise not know anything about it - it might even make the pupils want to seek out the character out of curiosity  and thus increase the risk! Our security certificate and firewalls mean that pupils can not be exposed to this sort of  thing in school. I have added a very helpful fact sheet  for parents from the National Online Safety website. I've also included a link to their website. It has excellent one page guides for parents on a variety of e-safety issues from talking to your children about strangers, information on roblox, fortnite and other games/apps to pages about screen addiction and even how to spot fake news. Ms McEvoy is in the process of adding to the online safety areas of the website - for parents and pupils - but in the meantime please take time to download the guides below and talk to your children at home in a way that is tailored to your child's needs.


Files to Download