School Uniform Refresher March 2021 Focus on Accessories

Hello, I have enclosed the section on jewellery/hair etc. Pupils will be asked to remove jewellery today - put in named envelopes and taken home. If we believe that the item is valuable, we will store in the office for you to collect. Thank you for supporting us with our uniform and Health and Safety and Equality policies.

Jewellery, make up and nail varnish

  • It is encouraged that pupils do not wear jewellery to school, for health and safety reasons.
  • No rings, necklaces or bracelets are allowed in school
  • Should a pupil have pierced ears, very small, plain stud earrings should only be worn 
  • In order to comply with health and safety laws, earrings must either be covered with a plaster - provided by parents -  during all PE activities, or not worn on that day. All earrings must be removed before a swimming lesson
  • Watches may be worn to school (not smart watches), however, they must be removed before any PE lessons and please note that the school will be unable to take any responsibility for any jewellery or watches that are lost or damaged.
  • Nail varnish should not be worn in school


  • We recommend that hair should be neat and tidy and worn with no extremes of style or colour
  • Any hair accessories, e.g. bobbles, clips or headbands should be plain and in school colours of red, white, black, silver or gold, and of an appropriate size. No large bows, novelty headbands or large accessories are allowed in school
  • Long hair should always be tied back off the face for health, safety and hygiene reasons. 

Clothing and Items of religious significance

  • Head coverings should be plain and in school colours, not include pins and should be a safe length (able to be tucked into a top for PE for example)
  • A maximum of one item such as a kara is to be worn in school, and these should either be taken off or covered with a sweatband during PE for health and safety reasons
  • Jewellery or items that are not considered compulsory articles of faith should not be worn in school