Snow update lunchtime Wednesday 30th January


The weather is stable at the moment but we are mindful of the state of the roads surrounding school and the local area. There will be no after school clubs today and school will close at 3.30 pm. However, in order to ease congestion and help with travel, parents and carers may start picking up their children from 1.30 pm should they wish to do so.

We ask that if you do decide to come earlier, that you please pick your children up from the front office and sign them out.

At 3.30 pm we will also dismiss pupils out of the front door as parts of the playground are very slushy now.

Y4 will not be swimming and Y6 will not be going to Lostock College. There are no clubs after school tonight as I am sending staff home when all pupils have left by 3.30 pm.

Many thanks for your support today - I will text you all at about 7.15 am tomorrow to let you know what is happening so you can make arrangements and there will be the 'floating banner' on the website homepage.

We are on the BBC news page - about 30 seconds into this video!

Kind regards,

Mrs S Nunwick