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Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 16th May 2019, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 16th May 2019 @ 2:28pm

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have come to the end of  a week in which our Year 6 pupils have completed around 5 hours of SATs and they have been amazing. They were like machines in the arithmetic test! Gurkuran finished the 30 minute paper in SEVEN minutes - a school record. I told Jakub he was 'on fire' after his confident performance in the reading test. He replied with a big smile on his face, "I know I am. That's because Mrs Valentine gave me 2 slices of toast!" (not poor Mr Boyer who taught him all year)You hear a lot in the press about how stressful SATs are but please be assured that because of consistently good teaching every year, we don't have to cram in lots of new learning and so that isn't an issue here. We only missed our drama workshop with Artis this weeek because it actually clashed with a test! A big thank you to all staff involved in SATs week as they have ensured that week has gone smoothly. We get the results back in July and I speak to each pupil individually in my office to let them know how proud I am of ALL their achievements at Moss Park.

Next week is packed full of events and we have lots of fundraising type things going on. Here goes...

Non Uniform Day Friday 17th May. £1 donation for prizes for the PTFA Family Night in June would be gratefully received. This is a great way to support the PTFA even if you can't come to the event.

Ice Pop Friday starts tomorrow!

The PTFA are giving Year 6 £2 each towards their personalised Leavers' Hoodies  - a new MPJS tradition. We think they should work for the money (!) so they will be selling Ice Pops at the end of the day on the playground - 30p each. Pupils in after school clubs can buy an icepop at the same time as their friends. We will be running this every Friday until the Summer Fair.

Movie Day - organised by Year 6

Our enterprising Y6 pupils have organised a Movie Day on Wednesday 22nd May. for the school. You have all had the letter and I will upload the letter with details to this page tomorrow. We hope as many of you as possible will support our Class of 2019 at this event. Just think, in no time at all it will be your little ones proudly wearing their souvenirs of primary school...

We are very excited to let you know that the Mayor of Trafford is coming to cheer us on in our Cancer Research Race For Life on Friday 24th May. Please support the charity by getting sponsor forms back to us after the race. All monies raised will go to Cancer Research. You are, of course, welcome to come onto the field to cheer us on. Year 3 and 4 will be setting off at 9.45 am and then Year 5 and 6 will follow. Any queries please ask for Mrs Hilton who is based in Year 5 - she has organised the whole thing.

We are going on the big field every day now to build up our stamina - please make sure your child has full PE kit all week next week.

Sports Camp Holiday Club 

Please don't forget to send your slips in as soon as possible to book places at Mr Jordan's Teaching Sport holiday club that is happening again in school in the second week of the holidays - he need to know numbers to place staff. His contact number is on the flyers for any questions and slips can come back into the office.

Don't forget we are closed on Thursday 23rd May for the EU elections. Teachers will be  making a start on writing their annual pupil written reports, which you will receive in July.

That's it for now. I will publish the results of the Parent Questionnaire at the start of next week - I have had two groups for SATs every day and the week has flown by!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Nunwick

POSSIBLE school closure day, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 3rd May 2019 @ 2:22pm

I thought it would be a good idea to attach the letter I sent out a couple of weeks ago regarding the emergency closure day we will have to have IF the European Elections go ahead on Thursday 23rd May. We will of course text you and let you all know as soon as we know. Thanks for your patience.



Dates for your Diary May June July 2019, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 1st May 2019 @ 5:20pm

Please find our summer dates in a file you can download, save or print out :)



Headteacher's Weekly Bulletin 29th April 2019, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 29th Apr 2019 @ 7:59pm

Dear Parents and Carers,

Here are a few bits and bobs of information for you - another short week beckons! Pupils won't be in on Thursday as it is local elections and we are a Polling Station, but staff will be in training with MPIS. We are also off on Monday 6th May for Bank Holiday Monday. The children (and staff) are all at sixes and sevens at the moment as we have lost our routine!

Year 6 have started 'Mock Sats Week' today. This is really useful exercise: it gives the pupils the opportunity to have a go at the tests in the way the real test will be run during SATs week, teachers and pupils can mark the tests together as a learning opportunity and helps us remember how many tables we can actually fit in the hall without children sitting on top of each other! We had lots of parents come to our SATs meeting last week and we hope you and the pupils found it helpful. 

Parent Questionnaires

Thank you for the 60 questionnaires we have received back so far - they have been extremely positive. Mrs Willett in the office is going to to pull all the replies together and I will report back in my bulletin next week. Please send any questionnaires back in by Friday please so that your views can be counted.


The calendar on the website has been updated and has all the dates in you need to know to the end of July - please check reguarly because if we get the chance to take part in anything we always say "Yes" and it is easy for us to update the website as we go along. I've attached a list of key dates on this bulletin and there are paper copies in the office.

Summer Term Club Calendar

All clubs are now up and running. If you didn't put your child down for anything, we have a few spaces in several clubs so just ask at the office and they will check the registers for you. Please remember to email school or leave a message 'Press 1' option if your child is supposed to be doing a club but can't come that week - it saves us making lots of phonecalls to chase up pupils we know have been in school that day.

Please sign up to ParentPay even if you don't have school dinners - remember from September 2019 we are trying to go (mostly) paper-free.

Best Wishes, 

Mrs Nunwick

Diary Dates May/June/July 2019

Thursday 2nd May

  • School closed to pupils (Local Elections)

Friday 3rd May

  • Normal School Day!

Monday 6th May

  • School closed for Bank Holiday Monday

Tuesday 7th May

  • Lights out Competition (Eco Committee)

Thursday 9th May

  • 3.30 pm Lostock Big Cross Country

Friday 10th May

  • Race for Life Sponsorship forms going out
  • Y5 Playground leader training

Monday 13th May

  • Y6 SATs week

Friday 17th May

  • Non Uniform Day – please bring in £1 towards prizes for the PTFA Family Quiz/Fun night (even if you can’t come this is a great way to support us)

Monday 19th May

  • Y4 litter pick in Moss Park

Wednesday 22nd May

  • Y6 Leavers’ Photos – please make sure your child looks super smart with full uniform on. These photos are ‘casual poses’ and they look adorable! They are a lovely souvenir and we put them all in a Leavers’ Book too.

Wednesday 22nd May

  • Movie Afternoon £2 (all classes). We ask year 6 to raise some money towards their Leavers’ Hoodies – their letter to follow!

Thursday 23rd May

  • POSSIBLE closure day for European Elections (watch this space)

Friday 24th May

  • Race for Life – whole school

Friday 24th May

  • Golden Afternoon + Team competitions
  • School closes for 2 week Whit holiday
  • Ice Pop Friday starts at 3.30 pm on the playground (Y6/PTFA)

Mr Jordan’ TeachingSport Holiday Club (for Year 1 – Year 6) will be running in the second week Monday 3rd June to Friday 7th June. Leaflets have gone out.


Monday 10th June

  • Back to school for our final half term!

Tuesday 11th June

  • Playground health and safety inspection

Thursday 13th June

  • Y6 Anti-Social Behaviour learning workshop session 1

Monday 17th June

  • Year 3 trip to Liverpool
  • Fire Service to visit Y6 – safety workshops

Tuesday 18th June

  • Y3 litter pick on Moss Park

Wednesday 19th June

  • Sports Day (attempt 1)

Thursday 20th June

  • Y6 Anti-Social Behaviour learning workshop session 2

Friday 21st June

  • PTFA Family Quiz Night (details and tickets to follow)

Thursday 27th June

  • Y6 Anti-Social Behaviour learning workshop session 3

Friday 28th June

  • Non-Uniform Day (prizes for hampers for Summer Fair)

Monday 8th July

  • STEM Family Learning Open Week
  • PDSA Canine Communication workshops all day

Thursday 11th July

  • Y3/4/5/6 Science demonstrations all day

Friday 12th July

  • PTFA Summer Fair 2pm – 4.30 pm

Tuesday 16th July

  • Y3 Trafford Music Extravaganza (morning)

Tuesday 16th July

  • Y6 Leavers’ Play 6pm

Wednesday 16th July

  • Y3 Egyptian Assembly for parents 9.15 am

Thursday 18th July

  • Annual Reports out today

Friday 19th July

  • Y6 to Robinwood

Tuesday 23rd July

  • Parents Drop-ins after school to discuss reports if needed

Wednesday 24th July

  • Spanish day of Culture

Thursday 25th July

  • Celebration Assembly

Friday 26th July

  • Leavers Assembly
  • School breaks up


Headteacher Weekly Bulletin 15th April 2019, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 29th Mar 2019 @ 1:33pm

Welcome back to the final term of the year (the year has flown by!)

I hope you are all feeling refreshed and enjoyed some quality family time together.

We are now in the unusual situation of having 4 x 4 day weeks. The Easter holidays have been all over the place, even within Stretford this year and we now have Bank Holidays and Polling day closures - hence we don't finish until Friday 26th July this year (to make up the 190 term days). I've updated the calendar on here so you know what events we have got coming up this summer.

We have started the week with an assembly on the Christian festival of Easter. We've been listening to Rimsky Korsakov's Russian Easter Festival Overture and this week we will also be listening to various gospel choirs singing 'O Happy Day'. I've never seen the pupils look so cheerful as when we talked about the cultural tradition of school and workplaces being closed for Easter on Friday and Monday - not sure if this is a good thing!

Thank You

Thank you to all your 100% positive feedback from Open Week. I know that you enjoy the opportunity to learn alongside your child and we were full every day. Attendance at Parents' Evening was excellent as always and I know that parents appreciated the chance to have a longer appointment on a different day if needed to discuss their child's additional needs. Parental involvement in learinng is one of the key factors in a child's success and it really is a strength of our school!

Please do take time to fill in the questionnaire you were given at Parents' Evening - as I said to the parents who came for coffee on the last afternooon of term, we genuinely do use your feedback to help us improve and try new things. Spare copies are in the School Entrance.

We talked about lots of things over coffee, including our unoffical poll (see photo below) at Parents' Evening about ties for September 2019. We are discussing options at Governing Body level and will let you know later this half term what we are doing. The red polo shirts look fantastic this morning so I'm really pleased we changed from white. The logo polo shirts look super smart.

We also talked about parking and driving on Moss Park Road - we are aware of a child nearly being run over just recently. Our Road Safety Team will be out on the road again this half term - not just about safe and considerate parking, but also in light of what we now know about pollution caused by engine and exhausts. If you are watiing in your car around school, PLEASE turn off your engine.

A parent suggested a fantastic school project that works with pupils across the school about bullying and emotional health so we are looking into that too.

We have  a health and safety inspection in June and this is focusing on our playground systems - the physical grounds and supervision, first aid etc. The School Council have asked for an extension to the Fitness Trail - I have said yes - so we will wait to see the outcomes of the inspection before we choose the sections. Mr Boyer is working on the organisation of our playground to make sure all the pupils are safe (it's a big playground but we have 256 children out there at the same time), happy and occupied with enjoyable activities. We welcome a new Midday Supervisor today, Mrs Brown, and this appointment will mean more adults able to lead and supervise play activities.

That's all for now. Have a lovely extended Bank Holiday weekend off with the family!  Please tweet us your pictures if you are doing anything exciting!

Best Wishes,

Mrs Nunwick


Headteacher's Weekly Bulletin 11th March 2019, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 11th Mar 2019 @ 11:07am

Good morning everyone,

Another busy week ahead at Moss Park! I write up the diary on the board in the staffroom for the coming week each Friday and it's a really simple way to see how much we add to the curriculum 'diet' for our pupils. I do hope your child enjoys all the activities we offer.

I hope you have managed to take a look at some of the photos from World Book Day last week. We all had a terrific time even though the dreaded principal Miss Trunchbull took over the school for the day! The teaching assistants and office staff surprised us all with their 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves' parade, and everyone got on board, clapping each other as we paraded our costumes in assembly.

We have started a new school tradition - the Big Pancake Race - and this year the staff competed for Team Points for the pupils. We have big ideas (and we are very competititive) and next year we are going to do a Cross Country relay race with children and adults flipping pancakes for a 1k challenge! Hopefully we will have our Kitchen/Home Economics Room built by then as is was not much fun for me microwaving 64 pancakes and washing up inbetween because we don't have cookers, or enough crockery or cutlery!

We started our week with an assembly about JOY (Just Open Your Eyes) - to appreciate the wonder of the world around. We looked at photos of spring animals having fun and watched this clip:


The sheer joy of the little girl in the advert inspired us and by the time you come in for Open Week, you should see lots of pupils' ideas on our 'JOY Sharing Board'.

Well Done and Thank You

Our school team won the Trafford Skittleball competition last week against tough competition.

Y6 Halle group are performing their concert at Stretford Grammar School tonight. We are very proud of all the hard work they have put in - wish them luck!

Thank you to all parents who helped on the night (they worked so hard!) and those who sent their children to the PTFA discos on Thursday. We raised £499.62, meaning a total of £1360 so far.

Dance Performance (Friday)
The whole school will be walking over to Lostock College on Friday 15th March for the Allegro Theatre dance performance. If you are free and you would like to help us all walk up to Lostock, that would be greatly appreciated. You would need to be at MPJS for 1.00 pm. On the return leg, if you could meet us at Lostock (the caretaker is opening up the gate next to the pharmacy to save time) at 2.50pm to walk back to school that would also be helpful.


Please will you take some time this weekend to check your child's PE kit? we are sending them all home this weekend so you can check you have winter kit (ridiculous isn't it at this time of the year?!) and regular kit of: shorts/leggings/joggers/PE t shirt/tracksuits, sweatshirts and a pair of PE pumps (indoor) and old trainers (outside work/1 K a Day). Thank you.

*New Date* Headteacher Parent Coffee Afternoon

This will now be held on the last Friday of the term at 2.30 pm in the Library. I don't have a particular agenda for this meeting - it is just free and easy. Ask me anything; it is nice to spend some time with parents in an informal setting. I would like to see how you all felt about Open Week, Parents Evening and the communication you get from school/home - academic information plus general information. We are finally back to full strength in the Office so it would be good to see how can we can modernise/become more efficient- using less paper hopefully! All ideas welcome and we do provide nice biscuits. There will be some toys out for any pre-school children.

Have a lovely week,

Mrs Nunwick





Heateacher's Weekly Bulletin 4th March 2019, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 4th Mar 2019 @ 9:56am

Good Morning everyone,

We have got a jam packed few weeks ahead of us so there are lots of things for me to tell you about in more detail here! 

We started the week with an assembly about the meaning of Lent for Christians. We watched a animation about Jesus going into the wilderness for 40 days, and spoke about challenges and difficult times in our lives. We then went on to talk about why pancakes are eaten on Shrove Tuesday. Our children are very lucky as some of the pancakes they are having tomorrow appear to be restaurant quality! Then I revealed that the pupils would be watching the staff from the different House Teams  competing for Team Points in a Pancake Race tomorrow. That went down really well, so look out for the photos!

Cross Country at Longford Park

Thanks to all chidren and families who came to Longford Park on Saturday to represent Moss Park. We have never had so many children come. Well done everyone. Betty got a 3rd place medal for our Y6 girls and Rayyan was our fastest Y5 boy out of dozens of challengers with Bichr not far behind. Kaia was our fastest Y5 girl. We are already working on a new secret training plan for the next competitions and hope to see even more faces there!

The Book Fair is on all week - it is situated in and around the Library - please come in to have a look with your child via the playground. It is in until 4.40 pm every night so you can still visit even if your child is in a club and pupils can bring money in to spend during the day too. The £1 Book Token can be used at the Fair.

World Book Day is on Thursday 7th March. Please don't stress about costumes - it is not necessary to dress up and there are lots of other ways your child can represent a book or book character (see earlier news). Please see the competition to design a bookmark coming home tomorrow.

PTFA Discos are after school on Thursday too. The lower juniors can bring their clothes into school to change into before the end of the day (Staff will dismiss children from the double doors in the hall). Upper juniors will be going home and then returning (in through the front doors and dismissed from the double hall doors please). Pupils can bring extra spending money for extra drinks, snacks and a brand new game... the Lucky Dip! We are aiming to raise £500 for PTFA funds at this disco and hope as many children attend as possible.

Comic Relief Day is on Friday 15th March. It always comes quite quickly after World Book Day so we are keeping it simple. Pajamas/dressing gown/onesie dress code - with crazy hair if you want to! Please donate £1 on the day. We will be running a joke competition too. Pupils bring in their funniest joke and each class will choose a winning joke. Winners will get a small chocolate prize and their joke will be published on the Class Website Page.

We will all be visiting Lostock College on the afternoon of Comic Relief for a Dance show

SENCO drop in Friday 15th March Mrs Foster is available all day for parents of children with special educational needs - please drop in throught the day. If your child is not on the SEN register, but you have some concerns about their progress, you are of course welcome to come and see Mrs Foster for advice too.

Open Week (Monday 18th March) letters are coming out later this week. We will be showcasing our teaching of English and all lessons will include some spelling and grammar challenges, alongside reading and writing activities. We are limited for space (which you will know if you have been before!) so we have a limit of 6 adults per class each session. One adult only per child please - if two parents come then that means another child might not be represented, which isn't fair.

Hope this bulletin is a useful update. Please don't hesitate to pop in and see me or give me a call/drop an email in if you have any questions, concerns or ideas. If I'm free I am available!

Best wishes,

Mrs Nunwick





Parents Factsheets for internet safety, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 28th Feb 2019 @ 1:40pm

Dear Parents,

There have been some upsetting stories in the media this week around an online scary character called MoMo that has been popping up on some websites for children and has been linked to pupils self harming. I have had a couple of parents mention this. We have decided not to publicise the Momo Challenge in a whole school way, as this potentially causes distress to hundred of pupils who would otherwise not know anything about it - it might even make the pupils want to seek out the character out of curiosity  and thus increase the risk! Our security certificate and firewalls mean that pupils can not be exposed to this sort of  thing in school. I have added a very helpful fact sheet  for parents from the National Online Safety website. I've also included a link to their website. It has excellent one page guides for parents on a variety of e-safety issues from talking to your children about strangers, information on roblox, fortnite and other games/apps to pages about screen addiction and even how to spot fake news. Ms McEvoy is in the process of adding to the online safety areas of the website - for parents and pupils - but in the meantime please take time to download the guides below and talk to your children at home in a way that is tailored to your child's needs.




Trafford Parent Workshops for Children's Emotional Health and Wellbeing, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 27th Feb 2019 @ 2:21pm

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have received information from Trafford Sunrise regarding the Mental Health and Wellbeing Parental Workshops they are running. The aim is to help parents support their child regarding anxiety, bullying, behavioural problems and other emotional health and wellbeing topics. No booking is required.

Please see the attached flyer for further details, dates and venues.

Kind regards,

Mrs Nunwick

Headteacher's Weekly Bulletin 25th February 2019, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 25th Feb 2019 @ 1:41pm

Hello everyone - it looks like spring is finally here! Our Eco Team opened Fair Trade Fortnight in assembly today and some pupils have already brought wrappers in for our display - thank you! It's been fantastic to see the pupils playing outside in the warmth and enjoying the new equipment we have put into some of the zones. We are always listening to our pupils and they want to be busy at lunchtimes having fun with their friends. Phase 1 is complete and we have updated our timetable for the different areas of the playground. We have bought some small equipment and will soon be choosing pupils to help manage the equipment at lunchtime. The School Council asked for an extension to the Fitness Trail and I have agreed to this. They will be asking their classes which sections they want to add on and this will hopefully be in place just after Easter. Please make sure pupils have suitable footwear for the 1K a day challenge - as well as full PE kit of course.

Sex and Relationships Education in the Media

The media has only just picked up on the revised Health and Sex & Relationships Education that will be in place and compulsory from September 2019, and it is all over the news. As usual they have picked up on some of the more controversial areas of the curriculum! Mrs Foster (PSHE subject leader) and I met with a large group of parents a couple of months ago and we talked through what we would be covering in the Juniors. We circulated the overview of our curriculum. Nothing has changed since then. We don't do any lessons on what we would call 'adult relationships and issues'. The relationships we are focusing on in primary school are around self-esteem, forming healthy relationships and friendships with our families and friends. We will be sending out a PSHE questionnaire to parents before the end of term as part of our whole curriculum design and will be looking at the responses with our Governing Body, including Parent Governors, in preparation for September 2019. We are pleased that there will be a greater emphasis on Health as this will fit right in with our development of a Food Technology/Home Economics Room this coming year. We do loads of sport and fitness at MPJS but don't have the space or equipment to learn about cooking and healthy eating yet.

PE Kits

Our lost property cupboard is filling up again and most of the uniform and PE kit in there has no name in. We appreciate how frustrating it is when you have bought items, but we have a system of 'no kit leaving the classroom' when it is PE and we encourage the children to check every item in and out. You are more than welcome to have a look around your child's cloakroom area and the lost property cupboard. On the flip side, it would be very helpful if you check for names when PE kit comes home - we do have a few kits that we know are named going missing and they must have got put into the wrong bag. Please return to school if this is the case. Thanks!

You have the key dates for the rest of the term, but we do add things when we get the opportunity to do something extra for the children. We've just managed to get free tickets to the Halle Youth concert at the Bridgewater Hall on 5th March for all our Year 5 pupils! Letter to follow.

Have a lovely week,

Mrs Nunwick



The mystery building!, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 18th Feb 2019 @ 4:46pm

We've had lots of questions about the big brick cube being constructed at the front of school. It isn't anything exciting I am afraid! It will house a new electric 'switch cabinet'. We provide the power for both schools and we just didn't have enough 'juice' in our circuit board. So Trafford have built this. I know it looks awful. But when the builders have gone, we are going to plant bushes and climbing plants around it so it looks a bit more attractive. Mrs N.

Headteacher's weekly Bulletin Monday 18th February 2019 , by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 18th Feb 2019 @ 10:06am

Dear Parents and Carers,

Spring is in the air and we are all feeling refreshed after our half term break! We've had an assembly this morning about HOPE  - linked to Spring -  and how we can support each other to be positive and have hope even when we feel sad. We've also shared our new playtime and lunchtime rota with the pupils and relaunched the 1k a day initiative. Pupils have 3 sessions timetabled in at break/lunch and their teachers will decide when they need a  burst of energy during 2 lessons over the course of the week. Clubs start again tonight and go right through to Friday 22nd March.

I'm going to paste a couple of items from my latest newsletter below and you can also download and print off the newsletter from the Parents/Newsletter tab.

Best Wishes,

Mrs S Nunwick

New Red MPJS polo shirt available from John McHugh

After Easter (and until October half term) pupils will be able to wear summer uniform of red polo shirts, with or without logo, as well as the red check/striped school dresses (optional - you can stick with the ordinary uniform). John McHugh are now stocking the MPJS logo polo shirts at £6.95 and I have hung a sample outside the front office for you to look at. Please note that, as per the information shared last summer, we are phasing out white polo shirts completely in September 2019 all year round.

Healthy Snacks for Morning Breaks

 Please see my Headteacher Weekly News Bulletin from 4th February 2019 on the school website for a detailed list of permitted snacks. We will ask pupils to bring snacks home that are not allowed – along with the list for your information. We’ll review with parents at the end of the summer term.




Spring Dates, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 18th Feb 2019 @ 10:11am

Please find some key dates for the spring term and beyond. You can print these out from the Parents/Newsletter page and also find the dates on the Calendar.

Monday 18th February

  • Please start bringing your Holiday Homework Challenges in for our phase special assemblies next week
  • Halle ‘Adopt a Player’ workshop in school (Y6 group and orchestra)

Wednesday 20th February

  • Halle ‘Adopt a Player’ visit to the Bridgewater Hall (back for 5.00 pm)

Monday 25th February to Thursday 10th March

  • Fair Trade Fortnight – please bring in Fair Trade labels & wrappers for a whole school display

Monday 25th February

  • Halle ‘Adopt a Player’ workshop in school (Y6 group and orchestra)

Tuesday 26th February & Wednesday 27th February

  • Freddie Fit is in both days – please make sure your child has their full school PE kit in school otherwise they will not be able to participate.

Friday 1st March

  • St David’s Day – cubs/scouts/rainbows/brownies/guides may wear their uniform tops to school today

Monday 4th March – Friday 8th March

  • Book Fair in School all week – 3.30 pm to 4.40 pm for families

Thursday 7th March

  • World Book Day – come in your costumes!
  • PTFA discos (Lower Key Stage 2 @ 3.30 pm to 4.45 pm and Upper Key Stage 2 @ 5pm – 6.30 pm)

Friday 8th March

  • Halle ‘Adopt a Player’ workshop in school (Y6 group and orchestra)
  • Headteacher and Parents coffee forum 2.30 pm in the Library

Monday 11th March

  • Halle ‘Adopt a Player’ concert (Y6 group) at Stretford Grammar School 18.30 – 19.30 for families

Wednesday 13th March

  • Y5 Science workshop @ University of Manchester - £1 contribution please towards cost of the coach

Friday 15th March

  • Comic Relief Charity Day - £1 donation please. Details to follow (School Council are organising the day)
  • The whole school will be visiting Lostock College for a dance performance by Allegro Dance
  • Drop-in for parents of pupils with SEN/D parents all day (Mrs Foster)

Monday 18th March to Thursday 21st March

  • Open Week 2 – parents can book one session to sit in lessons with their child and learn alongside them. These sessions run from 9 am to 10am and the focus will be English this time round.

Friday 22nd March

  • Clubs finish at the end of this week (+ letters for summer term going out)
  • Y6 guitar concert for families 2.45 pm

Monday 25th March to Friday 29th March

  • Joe Wick’s Schools Fitness Week Live @ 10am. Alternating between lower and upper key stage 2, with the winning House Team on Friday – all kits in please.

Wednesday 27th March

  • Y3 recorder concert for families 2.45 pm

Thursday 28th March

  • Spring Parents’ Evening (plus Spring Attainment & Progress written report) 3.30 pm – 7.00 pm

Friday 29th March

  • Spring Term Achievement Assembly – we will notify you if your child is getting a certificate. 9 am in the hall.
  • Golden Day (Enrichment Activities earned as per the Behaviour Policy)

School closes for the two week Easter break on Thursday 29th March and re-opens on Monday 15th April. Please note we are then closed on Good Friday (19th April) and Bank Holiday Monday (22nd April). Easter school holidays are all over the place this year!

Save the Date

PTFA Family Games Night Friday 26th April

Class Photos and Leavers’ photos = Monday 29th April

Year 6 SATS test week = Monday 13th May (all week)

Sports Day = Wednesday 19th June

Reserve Sports Day = Friday 28h June

Summer Term Open Week (STEM) = w/b 1st July

Year 6 Leavers’ Concert = Wednesday 10th July 5.30 pm




Headteacher's Weekly Bulletin 4th February 2019, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 5th Feb 2019 @ 9:52am

Good morning,

Thankfully we are all back to normal after the drama of the snow! I hope you managed to have a look at our photos and videos from last week. As you may know, the BBC News used our clip of children playing in the snow at school on their website. Many of you have thanked me for the measures we put in place to keep the school open, and the quality and timing of the communication received. We are always glad when we can support our pupils and families.

Special Events this Week

This week we have lots of things going on: It is Chinese New Year and all the classes have been working on a project to share with the rest of the school in assembly. We have a special lunch on Thursday to celebrate too!

It is also Sign2Sing day on Thursday - we will be all singing 'The Greatest Day' using sign language and we ask that you send in a donation of 50p that will go to the SignHealth charity that supports hearing impaired children and adults. For further information click on this link: http://sign2sing.org.uk/

We held an assembly today to commemorate Rosa Parks Day. Rosa Parks was an important figure in the Civil Rights movement in the USA in the 1960s and inspired Martin Luther King to lead the movement. She was just an ordinary working woman who helped change the world and that's why we chose her to be the name of one of our school teams.

We have got Internet Safety Week activities and assemblies running all week. I have added a link below to the NSPCC website that has some excellent resources to help parents get up to speed on the various ways you can stay one step ahead of new technology and keep your children safe online. All very user friendly!


Holiday Sports Club

Mr Jordan, our Monday Coach from TeachSport (which is his company) is running another Holiday club next week. This was very popular at October half term and the pupils who attended had a great time with Mr J, Nigel and the other coaches. The club runs from Monday 11th February to Friday 15th February. 9.00 am to 3.00 pm for pupils in Y1 - Y6. Pupils will get the chance to play a variety of games, see their friends and get fit! Pupils can come all week OR just come for a day or two. The club costs just £12 per day and all you need to do is send your child in comfy clothes suitable for sports and with a packed lunch. Please send the booking form back before the end of term. Spare forms are available from the office.

Snacks allowed for morning break

We would like to update what is allowed in school as a morning snack. We've had chocolate items/crisps creeping back in school. We have to revisit the list from time to time as the manufacters are very good at promoting their products as healthy, which means that there is confusion among children, parents and staff. We can't list everything out there and we know there are  different opinions about whether items are healthy/unhealthy  but here are some principles that we think are manageable and not too restrictive:


Fresh Fruit

Dried Fruit

Vegetables & Salad items such as cherry tomatoes/cucumber/carrots/celery etc.

Crackers (no jam or chocolate spreads on them please)



Cereal/Breakfast Bars (BUT no sugar/yoghurt coating/no chocolate chip)


Crisps/Snacking Chips (including brands like Sunbites/Quavers/Doritos)

Processed meat snacks such as pepperami/those Lunchables snack boxes & similar



Mr Kipling type bars



We will revisit this after consulting with parents in the summer term and will then update our School Brochure with what we have all agreed, ready for September 2019. It may be that we have a complete re-think about snacks but we won't do anything without seeking your views first.

Friends of Stretford Public Hall Poetry Competition

Please find a poster at the bottom of this newsletter about an exciting 'Save our Species' poem competition with a workshop available in the half term holidays with a local poet to help the children create fantastic poems about wildlife.

School Uniform Update

Just a reminder that after Easter pupils may wear the summer uniform that includes red polo shirts  - white polo shirts are no longer in our uniform policy (although they are being worn by some pupils this year only because parents had already bought them - which we agreed when we changed the uniform). Pupils can wear plain red polo shirts or with the school logo. I will let you know when we have samples from John McHugh in school later this week. These will be sold in the shop at £6.95.

I will attach key dates for the coming half term on here and also send out a paper copy tomorrow.

Hope you have a good week and are counting down to the half term holidays!

Mrs Nunwick




Snow update lunchtime Wednesday 30th January, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 30th Jan 2019 @ 12:20pm


The weather is stable at the moment but we are mindful of the state of the roads surrounding school and the local area. There will be no after school clubs today and school will close at 3.30 pm. However, in order to ease congestion and help with travel, parents and carers may start picking up their children from 1.30 pm should they wish to do so.

We ask that if you do decide to come earlier, that you please pick your children up from the front office and sign them out.

At 3.30 pm we will also dismiss pupils out of the front door as parts of the playground are very slushy now.

Y4 will not be swimming and Y6 will not be going to Lostock College. There are no clubs after school tonight as I am sending staff home when all pupils have left by 3.30 pm.

Many thanks for your support today - I will text you all at about 7.15 am tomorrow to let you know what is happening so you can make arrangements and there will be the 'floating banner' on the website homepage.

We are on the BBC news page - about 30 seconds into this video! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-47054419

Kind regards,

Mrs S Nunwick

SNOW Wednesday 30th January, by Miss Higson

Date: 30th Jan 2019 @ 12:05pm

Dear Parents and Carers,

Well, that was a surprise! We are open today. The snow is thick and it appears that the roads haven't been gritted as this snowfall was not anticipated. Please be careful and walk to school if possible. Mr Nunwick has telephoned to say that the trams are off and it is very slippy underfoot. Don't worry about rushing to school, please just come into school safely when you can via the front door.  There will be no late marks today but we do expect all our children in as we are all managing to get into school from our various locations! We will have chairs outside the office for pupils to change their footwear. The playground will not be open yet until we have done an inspection. Our priority is getting the pupils in safely - Mr Irvine and Mr Moore are clearing paths from gate to front doors. Please bring wellies/boots, hat scarf and gloves - we will take the pupils out later but they need to be warm and dry! Please bring indoor shoes or pumps/trainers for todayto change into. We will text you at lunch for closing arrangements. Thanks, Mrs Nunwick

Headteacher's Weekly Bulletin Monday 21st January 2019, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 21st Jan 2019 @ 5:08pm

Happy Monday everyone,

Today is the day they call 'Blue Monday' in the press as apparently it's the day in January when people feel most fed up! Not here at Moss Park though as we have all being throwing ourselves into learning with four classes already today having a good PE session to get into gear! We've enjoyed an assembly on how some famous quotes from Martin Luther King Jr's speeches link up with the values we want to promote in school, and our goals for the children including the importance of standing up for what is right, having faith in your abilities, encouraging each other to do our best & never giving up and of course the idea that we treat our 'brothers and sisters' as we wish to be treated  in order to promote peace and understanding. Our Chair of Governors sat in assembly today and was equally moved by the footage of Martin Luther King telling young people the importance of designing a good blueprint for your life. You can see the clip here:


Later this week it is World Religion Day and we will be thinking about various aspects of faith, using our pupils' knowledge to teach each other and ask questions.

Thank You

Thank you for all your contributions towards the pantomime last week - it was lots of fun and a great British tradition for the pupils to enjoy together. We have already booked for next year.


Today we had 32 pupils out of 256 arriving after the gate was shut at 8.50 am and signing in through the office. Disappointingly, 10 of the pupils were in year 6 so I have spoken to both classes about the fact that next year they will be travelling further to their High School - which will have a much earlier start! As soon as the pupils enter the classroom each morning they have a pre-learning activity to do so it is vital that they are in with their friends at 8.50 am.

Please note that our Attendance & Punctuality policy states that if pupils are late for a second time that week, they will have to complete their missed learning activity at break, so they can catch up on their peers.

Cross Country

Well done to all the pupils who represented school in the Cross Country meeting at Longford Park on Saturday. We over 20 pupils attending - many for the first time. Iris in year 5 was our highest placed runner in 5th place overall, and Rayyan in year 5 was our fastest boy. Well done to everyone! Bilal H in Year 4 was really pleased that he moved from 52nd in his last race right up to 34th this time round - he is 'moving forward' every time and quoted Martin Luther King back at me this afternoon! All children are welcome to attend the cross country runs - they are totally inclusive and lots of fun.

Thinking ahead

After Easter, pupils will be able to wear the 'summer uniform' and subsitute a red polo shirt for their white school shirts should they wish. Pupils may wear supermarket red polo shirts OR the red polo shirts with the school logo on from John McHugh. I will hang a sample polo shirt in the office entrance when I get the samples for you to look at.

I hope you have a productive and peaceful week.

Kind regards,

Mrs S Nunwick

Congratulations Letter from Kate Green MP , by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 14th Jan 2019 @ 10:57am

Headteacher's Weekly Bulletin Monday 14th January 2019, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 14th Jan 2019 @ 10:35am

Good Morning! We are now in our second week of the spring term and we have now got over the shock of being back in school - pupils AND staff! We started the week with an assembly on respect and we sang one of our school values songs - Respect - before getting in the right mood for the week ahead by watching the 'Thank Gosh it's Monday' clip that the pupils are always asking me to show. It really motivated us to enjoy today and everyday!

This week 6I are going to Losotck College to take advantage of their specialist teachers and ICT equipment. On Thursday afternoon we have a visit from the Bitesize Theatre company who will be performing Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp for us. We respectfully ask for a £1 contribution per child towards costs.

I have just had an email from the PTFA to tell me that thanks to your generosity we made £409.86 profit from the Christmas Fair! Please look out for the next PTFA newsletter and try to attend the next informal meeting to share any ideas for future events and fundraising. if you aren't able to attend, you can email the PTFA or go on their facebook page.

On Friday lunchtime the School Council will be interviewing me with their ideas for improvements and questions for the headteacher. I expect this to be a grilling  - wish me luck!

Have a good week,

Mrs Nunwick :)


Headteacher Happy New Year 2019 Weekly bulletin, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 3rd Jan 2019 @ 12:22pm

Happy New Year to all our families and friends!

We are looking forward to all the challenges of the new year and can't wait to get stuck in and continue our journey of learning at Moss Park Junior School! We are focusing on the values of Kindness, Friendship and Respect  this half term in assemblies, class discussions and in how we conduct ourselves around school. We will also be sharing our experiences of faith and family during the week of World Religion Day in January. In February we will be developing our cultural understanding of Chinese New Year and learning about keeping ourselves safe online in the week of Safer Internet Day. Some practical issues for this half term are:

  • PE kits need to be in everyday and it is important that this is suitable for winter - sweatshirts, jogging bottom or tracksuits as well as the usual white t shirt and shorts/leggings and pumps so that pupils are ready for indoor or outdoor PE
  • We are re-launching 1k a day this half term and all pupils need to have some trainers in school (please don't buy anything fancy or expensive as they may get dirty)
  • There has been some slippage in school shoe wearing. Our uniform policy is that these are worn 38 weeks a year. Please keep up the high standards. Trainers and Knee Boots are not suitable to be worn in school all day - please see our Uniform Policy on the website for more details. If the weather deteriorates, then pupils can come in boots/wellies and change into shoes on entry to school
  • Clubs start on 14th January 2019. The forms will go out on Monday 7th - unfortunately we had lots of staff illness in the last week of term so we were unable to finalise and send out - so please bear with us and we will text you by Friday. Remember it is first come, first served so please return the forms promptly!
  • Y4 swimming starts back on Wednesday 9th January - please make sure your child has their full swimming kit in school
  • We have got our pantomime, Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp, to blow the January cobwebs away on Thursday 17th January. We are asking for a contribution of just £1 per child for this show to cover about half the cost - thank you in advance

See you in the playground from 8.40 am on Monday!

Kind regards,

Mrs Nunwick

Arts Mark Gold Award, by Mrs Moroney

Date: 11th Dec 2018 @ 11:09am

Pupils and staff at Moss Park Junior School are celebrating after receiving a prestigious Artsmark Gold Award for the second time. Artsmark is Arts Council England’s award for schools and education settings that champion cultural education. It celebrates settings that embrace the arts across the curriculum, bringing them to life for children and young people.


Holiday list 2019 - 2020, by Mrs Moroney

Date: 11th Dec 2018 @ 9:19am


The calendar for 2019 - 2020 showing term dates and holiday dates is now on the school website/parents/term dates and also here. Please note the change for next year. We have two training days before pupils start back on WEDNESDAY 4th September 2019.



























MPJS Choir singing at Stretford Public Hall, by Mrs Moroney

Date: 3rd Dec 2018 @ 1:37pm

Our Choir has been invited to sing at Stretford Public Hall's Christmas Fair on Saturday 8th December at 12.15 pm. Come and show your support for us! The fair is on from 12.00 pm to 4.00 pm and there are lots of activities for all the family. We love to sing so if anyone knows of a Care Home or Nursery or workplace you think would enjoy hearing our festive carols and songs, please contact me at school on 0161 864 1710. Mrs Nunwick


Mad Dogs Street Project Reverse Advent Calendar, by Mrs Moroney

Date: 3rd Dec 2018 @ 12:49pm

We are using the run up to Christmas to build up a box of food and other items we can give to homeless people living in Manchester. Each class is putting in an item per day and we will take to the headquarters in Chorlton. Please - as you always do - give generously. List of items is on the latest Newsletter. Thank you :)