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Wednesday 25th September 2019

Today in our club, we discussed why it is important for everyone in school to understand who and how to report online safety issues. We talked about CEOP and ddi some reserach so we knew we had the knowledge to advise others. We then worked as a team to create a google slides for our whole school assembly tomorrow.

Thursday 26th September 2019

Our assembly went great this morning! We were very impressed with how much everyone knew about online safety and how to keep safe.

Tuesday 1st October 2019

Today we presented our own google slides to parents about onlien safety. This was to make sure parents have knowledge fo onlien safety issues at home. You can find our PowerPoint on the parents section and also on our Digital Leader page

Wednesday 2nd October 2019

In todays meeting we have been making our online safety lesson. We are excited to show you these lessons soon. 

We also chose our top tip of the week:

"Never accept anybody online who you havent met in person"

Wednesday 9th October 2019

Today we started our childnet training. It was interesting to see the leaderboard, we may be at the bottom right now but we have all decided we want to be in the top 3. Today we completed half of our first module. This was an introduction to Digital Leaders and we discussed our role and the qualities we need to have to do this job correctly.

Top tip of the week:

"If your child is using social media make sure they are safe and you have changed the privacy settings"

This link will give you all the privacy setting information you need for all social media sites.

Wednesday 16th October

We earnt our first badge and 100 points! We completed the first training module today. Next time we are moving on to our cyberbulling module.

Wednesday 13th November

Today we started module 2 of our training: Cyberbullying. We will share any information we discover and let you know when we get our badge

Wednesday 20th November

Today we completed our 3rd module all about what to share on line and what to not share. We also learnt what to do if somebody asks to meet. A new website we have been shown which is useful is :

The digital leaders suggest you go on this link and have a look!

Wednesday 27th November 

Today we spent some time on our Digital Leader community. We enjoyed reading different questions and commenting on other people's posts. 


Wednesday 8th January

We enjoyed today! We completed a module all about Safer Internet Day. We are sadly on half term when it is Safer Internet Day so we will be having ours when we come back afetr half term. This year the theme is Onlien identiy. If you would like to find out more about Safer Internet Day go to this link.

We are planning some very exciting acitivites for Safer Internet Day so please keep checking our blog to find out more! 

Wednesday 15th January

This week we completed our 5th module 'A is for accepting'. We learnt all about why it can be dangerous to accept file or friend requests from people we dont know. It was also interesting to learn about how we shouldn't accept terms and condiitons without reading them.

Our top tip this week is:

'Don't accept people online that you don't know'


We would also like to inform you that we now have our own email address. If you have any online worries or concerns or questions please feel free to email us and we can reply.

Wednesday 5th February

Today we held a drop in session for other children to come and see our training or ask us questions. It was great to share what we do each week with our friends.

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