Clubs and Teams

We are very lucky to have a dedicated staff who run extra-curricular clubs every night for our children. These range from Arts Clubs to STEM Clubs to Gardening and of course a HUGE variety of Sports Clubs. All our clubs are fully inclusive. This is our Club soffer for Autumn 2019:


Multisports – Mr Jordan Teaching Sport (Y3/4)


Art (Y5/6)


Running/Cross Country (Y5/6 + any pupils now in Y4 who came to Longford Park last year)


Computer Club (Y3/4)


Singing Club – Trafford Music Service (all KS2)


Board Games and Puzzles Club (Y5/6)


Basketball - Mr Jordan Teaching Sport (Y5/6)


Film Club (Y5/6)


Board Games and Puzzle Club  (Y3/4)


Mad Science Club (Y5/6)


Computer Club  (Y3/4)


Art Club (Y3/4)


Film Club (Y3 & Y4)


Verbal Reasoning/Non Verbal Reasoning/Puzzles (Y5)

We have lots of activities going on at lunchtime: Library Club, Positivity Club, Times Tables Rock Stars, Homework Club, Change 4 Life. You don't have to sign up for these clubs.

We only have one activity where children are selected based on their ability: the Football Team, because we are in a competitive Trafford Y5 and Y6 School League. Mr Tarry is the manager of the team and he does the team selection based on observations of PE lessons, discussions with the coaches, football games at luncthime, and the level of experience of playing in matches outside of school. We are very lucky to field an A and B team AND we are the only school in Trafford to have a C team, who are players at the start of their competitive playing journey who also get the chance to play in live matches.

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