How Can I Help My Child Stay Safe Online?

One of the most common areas where our parents ask for help is around internet safety. The pupils are technologically more advanced than us - but they are vulnerable socially and emotionally and that's hard for them to understand. This link will take you to a really useful site called INTERNET MATTERS and the posters are very simple to understand and incredibly useful. They cover everything from talking to your child about how to keep safe (different conversations for different ages) to managing their screen time and site specific tips: Snapchat, faceboook, live streaming etc.

Plusnet Plays on the Internet

Together with Plusnet and children’s author Konnie Huq, BT and Internet Matters have created new children’s plays to educate parents and children on internet safety.

The plays use theatre to explore three important topics relevant to young digital natives today – cyberbullying, online grooming and online reputation. They are grouped by age.



The Thinkuknow website has many different activities to help you speak to your child about staying safe online. Please use think link to see different cartoon episodes about online safety, games, and much more.


Useful Links

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