Pupil Voice

March 2019

We recently asked all pupils to take part in a curriculum questionnaire to gain their views on different aspects of school life.  The results will help us further develop our curriculum and continue to engage and excite all pupils.

Here are the headlines from the questionnaire:

  • 'I enjoy coming to school' - 97%
  • 99% of pupils were able to identify our school values
  • 'I enjoy school trips and activities' - 99%
  • 'Teachers listen to my ideas' - 100%
  • 'What makes a lesson good or interesting?'
  • Using the computers and iPads
  • When we watch videos
  • When we play games
  • When we work with others
  • Going outside for our lessons
  • Doing practical activities
  • Going on Times Tables Rockstars
  • The way the teacher acts lively in the lesson
  • Using art to express our answers
  • Using different equipment
  • Playing games
  • Doing drama as part of the lesson


  • 'There is an adult at school I can talk to if something is worrying me' - 94%
  • 'The behaviour of other pupils in my lessons is good' - 95%
  • 'Is bullying a problem at Moss Park Junior School?'
    • 'It doesn't happen' - 60%
    • 'It happens and teachers are really good at resolving it' - 26%
    • 'It happens and teachers are good at resolving it' - 10%
  • 'I feel safe when I am at school' - 98%
  • 'I would recommend this school to a friend moving to the area' - 98%
  • 'I learn a lot in lessons' - 100%
  • 'My teachers give me work that challenges me' - 99%
  • 'I know how well I am doing at school' - 97%
  • 'I find new things out in lessons' - 100%
  • 'I have been to an after-school club this year' - 78%
  • 'I use my reading and writing skills across the curriculum' - 96%
  • 'I use my maths skills across the curriculum' - 91%
  • 'What I like most about our school'
    • Our playground
    • We do lots of activities in lessons
    • The technology we use to learn
    • How everyone is treated equally
    • Everyone gets along and we learn something new and make friends
    • I love learning every day
    • People respect others and are kind to each other
    • That all of the teachers are really kind
    • It encourages me to do better at my work
    • We have the right to ask questions and find out things in lessons
    • We are lucky enough to have good food and music teachers from Trafford Music Centre
    • Nice pupils and lunch clubs
    • I feel safe and have lots of friends to interact with
    • Everyone is equal
    • We look out for each other
    • I love that we do 1K
    • That the teacher is always there to help us
    • I like the clubs that the school runs and every year I get to apply to the ones I want to go to
    • I like going on trips and doing PE
    • You can talk to the teachers about something personal if you need to
    • My friends are always there for me
    • Everyone puts 100% into their work
    • When Mrs Nunwick sings in assembly
    • In Year 4 you get to go swimming
    • The teachers do their best to help us learn and have a good time. They make our work fun and suitable for our level. They also help with our worries
    • That everyone builds each other up not down
    • Playing with my friends


25th January 2019

The School Council interviewed the Headteacher last week to ask her questions about various aspects of school improvement. Their requests and comments were very similar to the ones expressed in the summer 2018 Pupil Questionnaire (see comments below) so they are a very good starting point for the School Council Action Plan for the year. The School Council will be sharing this with the school in Assembly next week.

What is the best thing about Moss Park Junior School?

 Kind, friendly, staff x 3

Learning x 6

History x 2, Dance x 2, PE x 15, Art x 6, Science x 3, Spanish x 2, Maths x 4, PHSE x 2, Computing x 4, English x 3, Reading x 2


Quizzes/competitions x 3

Assembly x 3

Swimming x 6

That every lesson is different x 4

Having equipment and fun learning x 6

We are safe x 3

Visitors x 4

The teachers x 6

I pads x 3

School dinners x 1

Non uniform day for £1 x 2

Sports Day x 3

The way we are taught x 3

That everyone is themselves not like anyone else

We learn a lot/something new x 8

How easy it is to talk to an adult

All the staff and the Headteacher are really kind and helpful x 3

That we go on trips x 6

My friends x 11

Making new friends x 6

Everyone is kind x 5

Rewards x 3

All the support and we work together x 2

Having fun x 4

Playground/playtime x 7

When it’s wet play you can play with games indoors

Field and running track x 4

After school clubs x 12

I like doing hard work/challenges x 5

We are all family to each other

Loads of things x 3

Almost everything x 3

Everything! X 5

What could we change or introduce to make things even better in this school?

More PE x 3

More rewards

More competitions/tournaments x 7

More trips x 7

More visitors x 3

Let us go on the grass more x 6


More cricket

More lunchtime clubs x 2

Growing fruit and veg

Turn the field into a golf course!

More goes on the racing track x 3

More football x 3

In summer can we go on the big field a bit more?

A religion day where we can dress up in our religions

Some help to join in games (if you are sad or bored) x 2

More time in the outdoor learning areas x 5

Eco Council more involved in assemblies and things like that

School pet x 4

New/more equipment for the playground x 8

Longer and better fitness trail x 2

The inside wet play box

Have maths games to help with work

A pond

I love this school

No, I like the school the way it is

This school is perfect

I don’t really know/Not sure x 4

Nothing x 4

Moss Park is the best!!!!!!

Thanks to all the pupils who added comments - it is good to know how miuch you love being an MPJS pupil!


Congratulations to our new School Council!

We have now had our first general meeting where we discussed our strengths and the area each member will work in. Watch this space for our committee set up.

This is the pledge we took in front of the whole school:

"We, the members of the Moss Park Junior School Council, agree that we will:

Listen to all suggestions and ideas.

Feed back and discuss ideas and issues from Council Meetings to our classes.

Always respect other people's opinions and points of view.

Always work together as a team.

Set a good example, be reliable and responsible.

Always try to promote our school values of: Tolerance, Respect, Cooperation, Friendship, Hope and Love."

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