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School Improvement Plan Overview 2020 2021


Theme: LEARN

MPJS Aim : “Foster a love of learning that will continue throughout our pupils’ lives”




L1) Provide a high quality professional development programme for teaching staff that translates into improvements in teaching of the whole curriculum.

L2) Teachers develop pupils’ metacognitive knowledge and skills in different learning activities across the curriculum (2 year focus)

L3) Develop subject leader knowledge and excellence across the curriculum.

L4) Set up an annual governor monitoring calendar, linked to the SIP, so that governors’ first-hand knowledge of the school informs its strategic direction.

L5) Develop our teaching and learning policies to include effective digital learning - pedagogy, strategies, procedure for homework & Tier 1/2/3/4 situations

L1) Pupils, including those with SEND, consistently achieve well across the curriculum so that they can do more, know more and remember more.

L2) Pupils are able to choose successful learning strategies in a wide range of activities and subjects.

L3) All subject leaders are able to provide effective support to others so that the school delivers a consistently high quality curriculum.

L4) Governors’ monitoring and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan helps to secure improvements to the school’s effectiveness.

L5) Use of digital teaching and learning is strong across school & has full uptake from families



MPJS AIM: “Equip pupils with the skills and values they need to form positive relationships based on equality and mutual respect.”




R1) Utilise the newly written ‘MPJS Values Framework’ to underpin expected staff behaviours, for use in interaction with pupils and as part of professional discussions.

R2) Deliver the revised Relationships curriculum in January 2021

R3) Plan and organise a series of opportunities for pupils from all groups to make a contribution to the school/local/global community.

R4) Plan and organise a series of opportunities for pupils from all groups to improve the school, local and global environment.



R1) All adults at Moss Park Junior School model the behaviours fundamental to creating a positive environment that promotes academic and pastoral success for pupils from all groups.

R2) The revised PSHE curriculum promotes physical and mental wellbeing. It reinforces our MPJS values, aligned to British Values.

R3) Every child has the opportunity to make a positive contribution towards working with and supporting other pupils in the school and beyond. They have a wider understanding of diversity.

R4) Pupils have a healthy respect for their local environment and its sustainability. They understand their role in improving the environment.





Objective: “Enable all pupils to fulfil their potential and achieve the highest possible academic standards.”



A1) Ensure that we promote the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of all our pupils equally across the curriculum.

A2) Update the feedback, marking and assessment policy to increase the opportunities for pupils to review and improve their own learning.

A3) Develop the schools’ pastoral provision supporting mental health and wellbeing.

A4) Develop teaching of vocabulary and spelling through daily sessions.

A5) Build and resource our new Food Technology classroom so that pupils can prepare and cook food in all subjects across the curriculum.

A6) High quality AFL and guidance from EEF interventions guidance informs targeted support and extra catch up sessions/tuition

A1) The rich curriculum offers equal opportunities and experiences to pupils so that they can develop the skills that enable them to succeed in a culturally diverse, global society.

A2) Pupils achieve well across the curriculum and develop useful independent study skills to prepare them for the next stage in their education.

A3) Pupils from all groups agree that the school helps them keep mentally healthy.

A4) Pupils are using vocabulary & spelling strategies at least as ARE in all subjects

A5) Pupils have a good understanding of how cooking promotes their physical and mental health.

A6) Assessments show that the number of pupils achieving or exceeding their individual targets (based on KS1 or ELG) is on an upward trend. There are no significant gaps between groups of pupils

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