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SMSC & Assemblies

At Moss Park Junior School, the development of pupils’ Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural education is considered to be a whole school priority and one through which we make explicit our aims and values. Our school motto is Learn, Respect, Achieve and these three words sum our aims and the values that permeate the life of our school. Our policy to develop Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural knowledge and understanding is designed to promote our school aims and values.

In school we give an important place to the social, moral, spiritual and cultural values of pupils. In all aspects of the school’s work and life and in our curriculum, teaching and learning we seek good and appropriate opportunities for pupils grow in their spiritual awareness. We work hard to promote a good understanding of moral and ethical values to underpin our ethos and to provide foundations for good relationships within our community. As pupils grow and mature we place great importance on developing their social skills and social awareness. They learn about their own culture and about the diversity of cultures in our community, in this country and across the world. They learn about the contribution people from all backgrounds, races and religions have made to the development of Science, the Arts, Sport, Politics, Enterprise and Society.

Assemblies/Collective Worship

We use video clips, music, games and stories in our assemblies to capture the children's imagination and help them understand the world. We might focus on themes such as 'respect' or 'friendship' and we also cover festivals around the world to reflect our multicutltural make up. We link themes together to show that there is more that unites us than divides us - for example festivals of light, spiritual journeys, harvest and new year. Our assemblies are inclusive for those of all faiths or none. In assemblies, all we need is "our eyes, our ears, our hearts and our minds". We plan assemblies on a 2 year cycle so that we can include all the major festivals and special days, weeks and months (there are often multiple celebrations in the same time period). This also means that pupils will have more in depth understanding of key themes because they have heard them twice, at an age appropriate level, over their time here at Moss Park Junior School. We recognise that in our school there are children from all faiths and none. There is a reflection opportunity at the end of all our assemblies. The headteacher may then read a non-denominational prayer to sum up the theme of the assembly, with the option to join in at the end if they would like to make the prayer theirs too. Assemblies give us time in the day to think about what is important to us - and there is always a song for us to sing or music to listen to!

Here is a video from STOMP theatre company that we used to reinforce how working together makes us stronger and that everyone of us counts! 

You will also see the video used in our Rosa Parks Assembly this month and a couple of our favourite MPJS songs: Something Inside So Strong and The Power in Me. 


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