PE and Sport Premium Strategy


We have been awarded the School Games Gold Award FOUR times in four years for our participation in intra and extra school competitions and events. We are going for the Platinum Award this year.

P.E Mission Statement
Here at Moss Park Junior School we believe that physical education, experienced in a safe, engaging and supportive environment, is a significant factor in developing children’s physical competence and confidence, team work and social skills.
We promote physical skillfulness, physical development and knowledge of the body in action. We aim to give a stimulating, enjoyable and appropriately challenging learning experience. Children may work as individuals, be paired-off or take part in group activities. During co-operative, creative and competitive situations they are encouraged to use their improvisation and problem-solving skills.

All children have 2 hours P.E time provided per week alongside an extensive range of extra-curricular sporting activities and a promotion of competitive sports through the Trafford School Sport Partnership.

P.E lessons throughout the year include: Team Sports, Racket Sports, Athletics, Dance and Gymnastics.

Extra-Curricular P.E activities include: Fencing, Cricket, Racket Sports, Multi skills and Basketball

At Moss Park, through Physical Education we aim to enable children to:

  • Be confident and competent in a range of physical activities
  • Understand how physical activity, fitness and long term health are related
  • Work as an individual, in a group or as part of a team
  • Plan, practice, perform and evaluate work to improve physical performance
  • Understand what is a safe activity and consider the safety of those around them
  • Perform the activity to the best of their ability and feel proud of their accomplishments
  • Have a positive attitude to physical education and enjoy participating

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