Moss Park Junior School Uniform list September 2019

  • Red Moss Park Junior V neck sweatshirt/cardigan (available from John McHugh in Stretford Mall) or
  • Plain red v neck jumper or cardigan
  • White school shirt (long or short sleeved)  
  • Tie (from John McHugh) optional 2019, compulsory 2020
  • Black or grey trousers, skirt, pinafore or culottes (not leggings or jogging bottoms)
  • Black school shoes (no heels, sports trainers* or heavy/knee boots)
  • Plain grey, white, black or red socks/tights
  • Long hair should be tied back off the face using hair accessories in black, brown, metallic silver/gold, grey, white or red
  • Suitable coat for school

*Many shoe shops stock black school shoe/trainer crossovers for boys. If a black trainer has a white or coloured sole going round it and/or decoration it is a sports trainer and is not acceptable as school uniform

Summer Uniform

(this may then be worn from after Easter holidays and until October half term)

  • Uniform as above  or
  • Red and white striped or checked summer dress (leggings or tights may be worn under these for religious or cultural reasons)
  • Black or grey tailored shorts, skirt, trousers or culottes
  • Moss Park Junior red polo shirt with logo (John McHugh) or
  • Plain red polo shirt
  • Plain grey, white, red or black socks
  • White or black sandals (with straps and buckles – no sliders or flip flops)

PE Kit

  • Plain Black shorts – no sports team logos
  • Plain black leggings or jogging bottoms
  • Moss Park Junior School logo white PE t shirt or
  • Plain white round neck t shirt
  • A pair of plain, basic trainers for outdoor PE/team sports
  • A plain black or grey sweatshirt, hoodie or tracksuit top for outdoor PE in the colder months

One small pair of stud earrings and a watch (not a smart watch) are allowed in school but must be removed for PE. No other jewellery should be worn in school. 

Clothing and items of religious significance 
Head coverings worn for religious or cultural purposes should be in plain red, black, grey or white and must not use pins as fixings
Any jewellery worn for specifically religious reasons, such as a kara, should be limited to one item, and should be removed for PE for health and safety reasons or covered with a sweatband.


  • A drawstring PE bag – available from school or John McHugh or any other provider
  • A bag for other items including reading books, homework etc.

N.B. We are no longer using separate ‘book bags’ in school – they are too big for the trays and there is simply not enough room on the corridor cloakroom pegs for a third item.


Our school uniform supplier is John McHugh in Stretford. Please see the website for further informationClick here




Red Embroidered V-Neck Sweatshirt   

from £10.95

Red Embroidered Sweat Cardigan                     

from £12.95

White Shirt or Blouse                                             

from £6.50

Red Embroidered Poloshirt (summer term only)

from   £6.95

Grey Trousers                                  



from £6.95

Grey Skirts                           



from £6.95

Grey Pinafores                                 



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Grey Shorts                                       



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Red Summer Dress                         

P.E. Uniform



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White Embroidered P.E. T-shirt 



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Black Shorts                                      



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Black Velcro Pumps                        



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P.E. Bags                                            



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