Weekly Winners

We celebrate our children's achievements at school and at home each Friday at our Celebration Assembly. We invite family members to attend to see see their child get a certificate or award. We announce:

*Our Weekly Superstars (two in each class) for outstanding behaviour, effort and achievement.

*Our Class Attendance Champions. The class with the best attendance wins a £10 token to be banked towards a treat at the end of the year - they choose the treat themselves.

*Our Top Table V.I.Ps. These pupils are chosen from the class box. Our Midday Supervisors give out raffle tickets for superb behaviour, helpfulness and friendliness to others. Two children's names are drawn from each class and we have cakes, juice and a special place at the Top Table each Friday.

*Pupils are encouraged to bring in certficates, badges, medals and trophies from home so that we can share in their achievements outside school.

*Time Tables Rock Stars. Each week Mr Boyer looks at the scoreboards and chooses pupil who have either been on the site most frequently, have attempted most questions or have the most accurate scores.

*Team Winners. Will it be Pankhurst team? Mandela? Hawking or Parks? It all depends on how many team points pupils have earned for their team - winners at the end of the year gets a special trip out! Points awarded for pupils demonstrating our school values: Tolerance, Respect, Cooperation, Friendship, Hope and Love.