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Last Celebration Assembly of the Year!, by Mrs Nunwick

Date: 26th Jul 2022 @ 1:11pm

Please find our last Facebook Assembly of the year, for those who don't have FB. So proud of every single pupil today as always! Mrs Nunwick

Year 4- RE parent visitor, by Miss McEvoy

Date: 21st Jul 2022 @ 12:34pm

To complete our RE topic, What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today, we had a special visit from one of our parents who follows Hinduism. Adi's mum from 4M came in to talk to the children. She was able to talk to the children about her religion and answer questions. Then she taught the children a bollywood dance. Every child was engaged and enjoyd this. The children were lucky enought to try on different tradditional dresses. We all have so much fun. 

Year 4 Litter picking, by Miss McEvoy

Date: 21st Jul 2022 @ 12:30pm

Year 4 enjoyed going into the local area and litter picking. Everyone was very sensible and thought about saftey. They then were rewarded with a play on the park. Good work Year 4.

2022 Sports Awards, by Mr Boyer

Date: 20th Jul 2022 @ 9:51pm

Our annual Sports Awards. And the winners are...

Outstanding individual boy: Lucas W

Outstanding indivdual girl: Lola C

Most improved athlete: Anna L

Fairplay award: Year 4 Tag Rugby team

Unsung hero: The Year 5 Sports Ambassadors

Team of the year: The Year 6 Boys' Football team


Well done to the winners and everybody who has participated this year!

Year 5 Maths lesson with Lostock High School, by Miss Wallis

Date: 18th Jul 2022 @ 3:54pm

Year 5 had a fantastic Maths lesson with Lostock High School. They developed their memory techniques and had a go at some problem solving activities!

Y6 R.E Day!, by Miss Horvath

Date: 18th Jul 2022 @ 8:32am

Year 6 had a great time making arty vocabulary posters on R.E day last week.

Robinwood Valley Group, by Mr Boyer

Date: 16th Jul 2022 @ 8:02am

Robinwood Volcano Group, by Mr Boyer

Date: 16th Jul 2022 @ 7:52am

Robinwood Lava Group, by Mr Boyer

Date: 16th Jul 2022 @ 7:23am

Robinwood Dune Group, by Mr Boyer

Date: 15th Jul 2022 @ 10:43pm

Robinwood Desert Group, by Mr Boyer

Date: 15th Jul 2022 @ 10:24pm

Great weekend and Mrs Nunwick is still on a high after beating Aaron with the last arrow!

Sunday update - so proud of the group especially our Supergirl Phoebie!

Year 3 Maths, by Miss Jones

Date: 8th Jul 2022 @ 12:12pm

We have been looking at identifying angles and turned. We have looked at acute, obtuse and right angles. We had a challenge to see who could create the most 2D shapes!

Year 3 poetry, by Miss Jones

Date: 8th Jul 2022 @ 12:09pm

We have created acrostic poems all about summer. We focused on alliteration and similes. 

Year 3 STEM week, by Miss Jones

Date: 8th Jul 2022 @ 12:02pm

Year 3 have been busy this week. We have had a talk about caring for animals by the PDSA, looked at how to reduce our carbon footprint, made rainbow salads, investigated global warming and sea level rises and had an interactive lesson from our digital leaders. 

Y6 STEM week, by Miss Horvath

Date: 5th Jul 2022 @ 5:24pm

This week, Year 6 were taught by our digital leaders all about online safety and computational thinking. In the lesson, the children had to recap what they knew about online safety, work in teams to instruct each other through mazes and summarise their knowledge in a fun Kahoot quiz! Year 6 have also spent some time learning about 'Carbon Footprints'. In this lesson, they explored their own carbon footprints and decided on tips on how they can reduce their carbon footprints. Towards the end of the week, Year 6 worked in teams on a STEM activity involving creating their own miniature 'Titanic' boats. They had to try to adapt their 'boat' to prevent it from sinking. We timed the ones that lasted the longest and discussed how this was due to surface area, mass and buoyancy. 

Year 3 litter picking, by Miss Jones

Date: 1st Jul 2022 @ 10:43am

Active Maths, by Miss Jones

Date: 1st Jul 2022 @ 10:38am

We have been recapping shapes and identifying acute, obtuse and right angles!

Year 5 Geography Fieldwork, by Miss Wallis

Date: 30th Jun 2022 @ 12:42pm

Year 5 went on a walk around Stretford. We went to Stretford Mall, Stretford Public Hall and St Matthew's Church. We made notes on how our local area has changed. 

Geography Fieldwork Year 6, by Mr Boyer

Date: 29th Jun 2022 @ 4:40pm

We did a local area walk testing our hypothesis of whether there were more houses than trees. We had to collect data whilst walking and then analyse the data back in school.

Leadership Academy Graduation, by Mr Boyer

Date: 29th Jun 2022 @ 4:34pm

Our Leadership Academy students had a great morning graduating at Lancashire Cricket Club - they've worked hard this year and really deserve the recognition!

Arts Award Exhibition, by Miss Horvath

Date: 29th Jun 2022 @ 7:41am

Year 5 held an exhibition this week to share and celebrate all of their hard work towards completing a certification for Arts Award Explore! We had a fantastic turn out and they loved talking about everything they have worked on over the year. 

Year 6 Mock Trial, by Mr Boyer

Date: 28th Jun 2022 @ 10:02pm

The Year 6 Mock Trial team didn't disappoint - they came back to school with the runners up shield. Not an easy feat either - 16 well rehearsed teams battling it out but the team were just so well prepared, confident and professional. Well done!












Year 5 Litter Picking, by Miss Wallis

Date: 28th Jun 2022 @ 4:45pm

Year 5 had a fantastic afternoon litter picking in the school playground and Moss Park. Year 5 worked well as a team.

Sports Day, by Miss Horvath

Date: 27th Jun 2022 @ 8:54am

Ordering events in History, by Miss Horvath

Date: 22nd Jun 2022 @ 8:06am

Year 6 worked together to place events throughout time in the correct order. 

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