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Year 3 Monday 22nd June

Date: 22nd Jun 2020 @ 11:48am

Good afternoon everyone,

Well, not a good start to the week with technology. Mrs Edwards was all set to go and posted the link for her lessons, but something has changed in Google's update which meant children were not allowed to access Google Meet. So, our technician has changed these settings and they should be fixed soon, but it takes 24 hours. So, our lessons will now be at exactly the same time BUT on Tuesday 23rd June. We hope you can still make the lesson, but if you can't, we will try and find another way to help you online.

Sorry about this everyone.

In the meantime, here is the usual weekly message to go with the video that was posted this morning....

For the photography project, you will need the basic camera function on any Ipad, tablet, laptop, phone or digital camera.

Light: Where is the light coming from--the window, the ceiling light, the open door? Try taking the same photo from different places. Can you have light on only part of the subject? Where do the shadows fall?

Editing: Explore the basic photo editor and see which filter/ colour change best suits the mood or feeling of the photo. If you save your photo as 'square' it will look great as part of a series or montage.

Hold still: Practise focusing your picture, or maybe you want it blurred to add to the effect!

The rest of the tasks are the Times Table Rockstars battle, My Maths tasks, the lesson follow up activity and Ms Butler's Spanish task which I forgot to mention!

Have fun, and we'll see you later.

Miss Higson and Mrs Edwards

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