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Governing Body

A welcome message from the Chair of Governors, Mr Allan Humphris

I am pleased to be able to write a few words about our fantastic school and how we plan for the future.

On behalf of the Governing Body I can say with confidence that behind all of our activities is a conviction that we keep the needs of our children and their safety and welfare at the forefront of all our actions. I also feel that the Governor team is well placed to provide the support the school needs both from our experience in business, public service and education as well as from the training we receive regarding our role.

As you will be aware from our results in 2019 was another very successful one for the school and our academic performance at Key Stage 2 was very creditable. However I am also confident that children at all levels and all abilities are receiving the support they need and that their progress is carefully and individually monitored so nobody misses out. Additionally, and most importantly, the school continued to develop in terms of its core values and breadth of curriculum so we are sending well rounded, ambitious and confident children on to secondary school. This could not be achieved without the efforts of Mrs. Nunwick and her excellent team, supported by you, our parents.

It is very gratifying to start this academic year from a stable base but we are not complacent and there are further plans to ensure that the school continues to develop and move forward. These include the continual development of staff at all levels both in terms of teaching methods and subject knowledge. We also aim to make improvements in subject matter in core subjects but also in areas such as PSHE and importantly mental health with all the pressures that our children face these days. As well as this we aim to ensure that our curriculum continues to broaden and that children are fully aware of wider global issues such as community responsibility, environmental concerns and cultural awareness.

If you want to know more aboout Moss Park Junior School you can visit other areas on the website, follow our activities on twitter or take advantage of our Open Weeks and Headteacher Coffee Mornings. And if you have any comments or suggestions, these are always most welcome.  You can contact me via the school office  email:

What does the Governing Body do?

We do not have a direct responsibility for the running of the school on a day-to-day basis. That rests with Mrs. Nunwick and the rest of the staff. Rather, Governors are expected to take a more strategic view of the school which can be summed up in three areas of responsibility:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction. To achieve this  Governors have regular dialogue with Mrs. Nunwick about her annual  Strategic Improvement Plan, making sure that it will deliver the outcomes for pupils we want to achieve whilst holding to our motto Learn ,Respect, Achieve . In order to keep the process under constant review we hold termly Governing Body meetings. Additionally we also hold  Curriculum ,Standards and Welfare meetings (CSW) and Resources and Premises meetings (RAP) which drill down into more detail and report back to the Governing Board.
  2.  Holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils and the performance management of staff. This responsibility clearly illustrates who is responsible for the school, that is the Head and her staff, but at the same time gives the Governing Body its authority. Having said that, all stakeholders should realise that the relationship between the Head, Staff and Governors is a close one and is seen by all concerned to be one of partnership and joint ownership of the objectives of the school and the welfare and safety of the children.
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure money is well spent. This responsibility is carried out by the Governing Board through the Resources and Premises Committee. The financial budget for the school is set on an annual basis though forecasts are actually made for the next three years to ensure that sustainable plans are put in place. In order to arrive at a budget, line by line detail of all expenditure is gone through,  and regular updates are provided to ensure that our plans are on track.

We have two main committees at Moss Park Junior School:

Resources and Premises (RAP), in which staffing, resources, finance, health, safety and building matters are discussed;

Curriculum, Standards and Pupil Welfare (CSW), in which the curriculum, pupils’ achievements and behaviour & safeguarding issues are discussed.

We also have a:

Headteacher Performance Management Committee

Pupil Discipline Committee

Pay Committee (within the RAP remit)

Complaints/Appeals Committee

Our Chair of Governors is Allan Humphris and you can contact him via the School Office on 0161 864 1710 or

Name of Governor

Type of Governor

Term of Office

Governing Body Role & Responsibilities

Business and Pecuniary Interests;

Material Relationships to School

Other GB Memberships







2/12/2017 – 1/12/2021

Chair of Governors

Chair of RAP committee

Year 5 Link Governor 

Health and Safety









11/9/2017 – 10/9/2021

Vice Chair

Y6 Link Governor



CSW committee




Local Authority








24/4/21 - 23/4/2024

Y3 Link Governor


CSW committee






1/11/2020 - 31/10/2024

RAP Committee


Teaching Assistants

















Oz Khan


21/10/2018 - 20/10/2022

CSW committee

Year 5 Link Governor



Suzanne Bennion


  5/12/2018 - 4/12/2022

RAP committee

Pupil Premium

Year 4 link governor










* CSW = Curriculum, Standards and Pupil Welfare committee      RAP = Resources and Premises committee





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