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28th June 2019 Email from Mr Luke Dillon - a consultant working with us to develop our school

Hi Sally,
Thanks for a great day yesterday. If you have an assembly today and you have time maybe you could pass this message on to your wonderful children.

Dear Children
Thank you for letting me visit your school yesterday. I had a really enjoyable day. I was very impressed with your excellent manners. You were all very polite and it is clear that you are happy at Moss Park.
You work hard and make sure that your books are neat and tidy and well presented.
The staff also work hard and provide you with lots of opportunities to learn interesting things.
I think you are very lucky to have good staff and they are very lucky to have good children.
Thank you and have a lovely weekend.

Mr Dillon.


Moss Park Junior School Parent Questionnaire Results Spring 2019

We had 45 replies back, representing around 100 pupils. As you can see, the responses are overwhelmingly positive. Nearly every single ‘Strongly Agree’ or Agree’ has been ticked. Where parents have answered ‘I Don’t Know’, this may be a positive response. For example, if a parent has ticked “I don’t know” for the question about the school dealing with bullying well, it is likely to be that the parent has no experience of bullying, which is a good thing. There are a couple of pupils who say their child is not happy at school, but would still recommend us. Please contact me in confidence if you think I can help your child or you would like to discuss the issue further. Thank you all for your continued support and trust in us! I will do a “You said, we did” report next week. Regards, Mrs N.

My child is in:         Y3      Y4      Y5     Y6

(please circle)

Strongly agree


I Don’t know


Strongly disagree



My child is happy at school







My child is safe in school








I receive useful information about my child’s progress







My child receives appropriate homework for their age







There is a good range of activities that my child finds interesting and enjoyable







My child is taught well at this school







The school makes sure its pupils are well behaved







The school deals effectively with bullying







The school seeks the view of parents and takes account of their suggestions







The school responds well to any concerns I raise







The school is led and managed effectively







Would you recommend this school to another parent? (please circle)








Things we like about Moss Park Junior School

  • Lots of lovely feedback about the Headteacher and staff: “kind, nice, helpful, experienced, effective, dedicated, well run school, passionate teachers and support staff, hardworking, we like the way the head interacts with parents, she cares so much”
  • Good relationships and transition between Y2 and Y3
  • Everyone is treated equally
  • Lovely ethos, staff model calm authority whilst being open and friendly
  • Good teachers, learning and teaching x 3
  • The range of activities and after school clubs x 12
  • After school events such as discos etc. have added a sense of enjoyment
  • Seeing them grow in confidence and talk positively about what’s happening in school
  • Learning environments
  • Celebrations/rewards for success/assemblies
  • Communication with parents x 7, Headteacher newsletter x 2
  • Promotion of discipline and respect x 6
  • Teachers present morning and afternoon – approachability x 6
  • Child centred ethos, friendly and happy, family feeling (x3),
  • Involving parents, sense of community (x5)
  • Positive vibe apparent from the top down
  • My child is clearly progressing and very happy here
  • Team spirit and work ethic


What could be even better?

  • More trips out – local or further afield (x2)
  • More ideas to support pupils who need to develop their confidence and be more independent, especially at youngest end (x2)
  • Keep doing what you’re doing! (x3)
  • More tips to help their child with homework (x2) especially maths methods, sometimes the maths is too much
  • Cricket
  • The member of staff on duty at 8.40 on playground would be more visible if they stand at the gate when we drop off
  • I think child should come to parents evening to hear about their progress
  • Introducing new uniform - ties
  • More opportunities for music around school and more growing/contact with nature and the environment
  • Bigger portions at dinner
  • Nothing x 3
  • I can’t think of anything!


A selection of parental comments on the feedback sheets - Open Week November 2018 (Maths Focus)

"Outstanding behaviour, all pupils listened and paid attention to the teacher."

"I found it useful to see the techniques used in Maths as some are different to Infants and it helps me help my child at home."

"Love the Teaching Walls! Classrooms neat and tidy with lovely displays."

"All the work was relevant. Plenty of work that was challenging for the kids to use their mind. Builds good problem solving."

"The teacher was well prepared and helpful. Well done to everyone."

"I learnt a lot and it will enable me to work better with my child at home."

"I really enjoyed the class visit. I was really impressed with the behaviour of the class and how everyone concentrated and joined in."


Pupil Questionnaire Summmer 2018

What is the best thing about Moss Park Junior School?

Kind, friendly, staff x 3

Learning x 6

History x 2, Dance x 2, PE x 15, Art x 6, Science x 3, Spanish x 2, Maths x 4, PHSE x 2, Computing x 4, English x 3, Reading x 2

Quizzes/competitions x 3

Assembly x 3

Swimming x 6

That every lesson is different x 4

Having equipment and fun learning x 6

We are safe x 3

Visitors x 4

The teachers x 6

I pads x 3

School dinners x 1

Non uniform day for £1 x 2

Sports Day x 3

The way we are taught x 3

That everyone is themselves not like anyone else

We learn a lot/something new x 8

How easy it is to talk to an adult

All the staff and the Headteacher are really kind and helpful x 3

That we go on trips x 6

My friends x 11

Making new friends x 6

Everyone is kind x 5

Rewards x 3

All the support and we work together x 2

Having fun x 4

Playground/playtime x 7

When it’s wet play you can play with games indoors

Field and running track x 4

After school clubs x 12

I like doing hard work/challenges x 5

We are all family to each other

Loads of things x 3

Almost everything x 3

Everything! X 5


What could we change or introduce to make things even better in this school?

More PE x 3

More rewards

More competitions/tournaments x 7

More trips x 7

More visitors x 3

Let us go on the grass more x 6


More cricket

More lunchtime clubs x 2

Growing fruit and veg

Turn the field into a golf course!

More goes on the racing track x 3

More football x 3

In summer can we go on the big field a bit more?

A religion day where we can dress up in our religions

Some help to join in games (if you are sad or bored) x 2

More time in the outdoor learning areas x 5

Eco Council more involved in assemblies and things like that

School pet x 4

New/more equipment for the playground x 8

Longer and better fitness trail x 2

The inside wet play box

Have maths games to help with work

A pond

I love this school

No, I like the school the way it is

This school is perfect

I don’t really know/Not sure x 4

Nothing x 4

Moss Park is the best!!!!!!

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