What People say about us

"Outstanding behaviour, all pupils listened and paid attention to the teacher."

"I found it useful to see the techniques used in Maths as some are different to Infants and it helps me help my child at home."

"Love the Teaching Walls! Classrooms neat and tidy with lovely displays."

"All the work was relevant. Plenty of work that was challenging for the kids to use their mind. Builds good problem solving."

"The teacher was well prepared and helpful. Well done to everyone."

"I learnt a lot and it will enable me to work better with my child at home."

"I really enjoyed the class visit. I was really impressed with the behaviour of the class and how everyone concentrated and joined in."

A selection of parental comments on the feedback sheets - Open Week November 2018 (Maths Focus)

Pupil Questionnaire Summmer 2018

What is the best thing about Moss Park Junior School?

Kind, friendly, staff x 3

Learning x 6

History x 2, Dance x 2, PE x 15, Art x 6, Science x 3, Spanish x 2, Maths x 4, PHSE x 2, Computing x 4, English x 3, Reading x 2

Quizzes/competitions x 3

Assembly x 3

Swimming x 6

That every lesson is different x 4

Having equipment and fun learning x 6

We are safe x 3

Visitors x 4

The teachers x 6

I pads x 3

School dinners x 1

Non uniform day for £1 x 2

Sports Day x 3

The way we are taught x 3

That everyone is themselves not like anyone else

We learn a lot/something new x 8

How easy it is to talk to an adult

All the staff and the Headteacher are really kind and helpful x 3

That we go on trips x 6

My friends x 11

Making new friends x 6

Everyone is kind x 5

Rewards x 3

All the support and we work together x 2

Having fun x 4

Playground/playtime x 7

When it’s wet play you can play with games indoors

Field and running track x 4

After school clubs x 12

I like doing hard work/challenges x 5

We are all family to each other

Loads of things x 3

Almost everything x 3

Everything! X 5


What could we change or introduce to make things even better in this school?

More PE x 3

More rewards

More competitions/tournaments x 7

More trips x 7

More visitors x 3

Let us go on the grass more x 6


More cricket

More lunchtime clubs x 2

Growing fruit and veg

Turn the field into a golf course!

More goes on the racing track x 3

More football x 3

In summer can we go on the big field a bit more?

A religion day where we can dress up in our religions

Some help to join in games (if you are sad or bored) x 2

More time in the outdoor learning areas x 5

Eco Council more involved in assemblies and things like that

School pet x 4

New/more equipment for the playground x 8

Longer and better fitness trail x 2

The inside wet play box

Have maths games to help with work

A pond

I love this school

No, I like the school the way it is

This school is perfect

I don’t really know/Not sure x 4

Nothing x 4

Moss Park is the best!!!!!!