We are passionate about music - and especially singing - at Moss Park Junior School. You will hear singing coming from all classrooms and our children regularly perform to families and neighbours. We work in close partnership with Trafford Music Service and as well as making music, we love to go to concerts, perform for others and join in Trafford-wide events such at the EXTRAFFORGANZA and STRETFORD SINGATHON. We've worked with the Music department at Stretford Grammar and we have an annual slot at Stretford Public Hall's Christmas Fair. Every opportunity is taken to relate Music to the needs of our pupils. We use specialist teachers, visits, visitors and a variety of musical instruments to engage children’s interest and imagination. Each year group has a term of instrumental tuition; across KS2 they will have experience of strings, brass, woodwind and percussion. We've gained the Music Mark three times and the Sing Up Silver Award because of our commitment to Music in the Curriculum. Our main scheme of work is Charanga and we supplement this with our Wider Opportunities offer. All children at MPJS have the same curriclum entitilement in Music and we are very proud of the work we do.




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