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Our school motto is Learn, Respect, Achieve and these three words sum our aims and the values that permeate the life of our school. The curriculum at Moss Park Junior School is designed to deliver our school aims, which are to:

  • Provide a welcoming, safe and stimulating learning environment
  • Recognise the individuality of all pupils and provide for their particular needs
  • Equip pupils with the skills and values they need to form positive relationships based on equality and mutual respect
  • Enable all pupils to fulfil their potential and reach the highest possible academic standards
  • Foster a love of learning that will continue throughout our pupils’ lives
  • Build strong partnerships between school, home and the community

The curriculum, schemes of work, lessons and challenges given to pupils are sequenced and planned effectively so that pupils know more, can do more and remember more. We believe that the curriculum, including the extra-curricular opportunities we provide, should ensure that all children enjoy their education. It’s important to us that we involve the children in developing our curriculum and teaching so that they can let us know how well we are meeting their interests and to share their ideas with us. We run a wide range of after school clubs run by school staff and external partners. They are excellent value at just 50p per week and for those pupils on FSM, there is no charge. Our latest club offer is visible on this page.
**If you would like to see our curriculum in action, head over to the GALLERY tab where you can see learning taking place in all subjects!**

We follow the National Curriculum. You can see the Subject 'Flight Paths' on each subject page. They describe the journey a pupil will go on throughout their time in each subject at Key Stage 2. You can read our Curriculum Policy on this page. There is a link to the National Curriculum here:

This is how we describe the curriculum journey at MPJS

Moss Park Junior School is like an International Airport – a melting pot of different travellers all ready to go on a learning journey that lasts 190 days!

Every September we have 256 travellers in the Year Group Departure Lounges ready to fly off to exciting destinations.

We all have a Map to help us get there.

Our subject leaders have worked out the Flight Paths in their subject for everyone.

Our teachers have Route Planners in every subject to make sure we go the right way!

We hand out Boarding Cards that show the exciting places we will visit and the experiences we will have on our journey.

Our Passports record all the wonderful things we have done to develop our character and our contribution to the commuity while we have been on our journey.

Teachers do regular On Board Checks to make sure everyone is getting the most out of their journey.

At the end of the year we touch down again in Arrivals and we write a Trip Review before going off on our new exciting world tour!

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