Year 3 2021 - 2022

Welcome to Year 3

In Year 3 we have two teachers - Miss Jones and Mrs Edwards and two teaching assistants - Mrs Wood and Miss Brown


On our class page you will find lots of resources to help you with your work, fun games to play, copies of letters and pictures of things we have been doing recently. 


We will update this section with images, videos and other useful tools linked to what we have been covering in the classroom. If we post on the blog, it would be great to hear your thoughts. You can comment on the exciting things we post. 


We hope you enjoy having a look around!


Miss Jones and Mrs Edwards

Reading corner

George's Marvellous Medicine, Roald Dahl




Group 1 Group 2


Test date: 4/2/22

Rule: the /u/ sound spelled ‘ou’


  1. touch 
  2. double 
  3. cousin 
  4. nourish
  5. young 
  6. trouble 
  7. enough 
  8. courage
  9. country 
  10. flourish



Test date: 4/2/22

Rule: vowel trigraphs ‘air’, ‘igh’, ‘ear’, as in hair, high, dear


  1. air 
  2. high 
  3. dear
  4. fair 
  5. night 
  6. hear
  7. pair 
  8. light 
  9. beard
  10. fear


Test date: 11/2/22

Rule: the /ai/ sound spelled ‘ei’, ‘eigh’ or ‘ey’


  1. grey 
  2. beige 
  3. sleigh
  4. neighbour 
  5. eight 
  6. eighth
  7. reins 
  8. reign 
  9. vein
  10. height


Test date: 11/2/22

Rule: vowel digraph ‘ew’ and ‘ue’, as in new, blue


  1. new 
  2. threw 
  3. blue 
  4. Tuesday
  5. blew 
  6. clue 
  7. argue
  8. flew
  9. rescue
  10. drew


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Poetry, by Mrs Edwards