Happy Easter Hols!

Dear Moss Park Junior Children, Families and Friends,

What a strange week it has been for us all. I do hope you have had a good week together. I have learned in one day at home with my daughter that home school is not the same as school school - so many distractions and other things to do for adults and children alike!

'School' is no longer school, we are emergency childcare and we have only had fewer than 10 children in each day. We are proud to support these frontline critical workers and do not envy the challenges they face. We have been a little oasis of (social distancing) calm and the pupils in have been very brave - it must feel so strange for them.

I know that a whole range of activities will have been done at home. It's important to have realistic expectations and I now know that 2 pieces of work plus Joe Wicks/exercise plus a bit of art/creative plus a little reading = a very good day!

We are meeting as a staff on the first day back after Easter to evaluate our communication to your children, how much work has been set, how we can possibly interact a bit more BUT we do not want to put any more stress on you - many of you are working from home too. Remember that ALL our children in the UK will be in the same boat on return to school and all schools will rise to the challenge of ensuring the children achieve their very best in a shorter space of time.

I will contact you again on the first day of the new term. In the meantime, remember you are doing a great job, have fun as a family and enjoy this enforced break. Children grow up so fast and this extra time is precious gift. You are keeping yourselves and them safe and that is the best, as parents, we can do right now.

Take care and Happy Easter,

Mrs Nunwick and all the team at MPJS