Headteacher's Weekly Bulletin 11th March 2019

Good morning everyone,

Another busy week ahead at Moss Park! I write up the diary on the board in the staffroom for the coming week each Friday and it's a really simple way to see how much we add to the curriculum 'diet' for our pupils. I do hope your child enjoys all the activities we offer.

I hope you have managed to take a look at some of the photos from World Book Day last week. We all had a terrific time even though the dreaded principal Miss Trunchbull took over the school for the day! The teaching assistants and office staff surprised us all with their 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves' parade, and everyone got on board, clapping each other as we paraded our costumes in assembly.

We have started a new school tradition - the Big Pancake Race - and this year the staff competed for Team Points for the pupils. We have big ideas (and we are very competititive) and next year we are going to do a Cross Country relay race with children and adults flipping pancakes for a 1k challenge! Hopefully we will have our Kitchen/Home Economics Room built by then as is was not much fun for me microwaving 64 pancakes and washing up inbetween because we don't have cookers, or enough crockery or cutlery!

We started our week with an assembly about JOY (Just Open Your Eyes) - to appreciate the wonder of the world around. We looked at photos of spring animals having fun and watched this clip:


The sheer joy of the little girl in the advert inspired us and by the time you come in for Open Week, you should see lots of pupils' ideas on our 'JOY Sharing Board'.

Well Done and Thank You

Our school team won the Trafford Skittleball competition last week against tough competition.

Y6 Halle group are performing their concert at Stretford Grammar School tonight. We are very proud of all the hard work they have put in - wish them luck!

Thank you to all parents who helped on the night (they worked so hard!) and those who sent their children to the PTFA discos on Thursday. We raised £499.62, meaning a total of £1360 so far.

Dance Performance (Friday)
The whole school will be walking over to Lostock College on Friday 15th March for the Allegro Theatre dance performance. If you are free and you would like to help us all walk up to Lostock, that would be greatly appreciated. You would need to be at MPJS for 1.00 pm. On the return leg, if you could meet us at Lostock (the caretaker is opening up the gate next to the pharmacy to save time) at 2.50pm to walk back to school that would also be helpful.


Please will you take some time this weekend to check your child's PE kit? we are sending them all home this weekend so you can check you have winter kit (ridiculous isn't it at this time of the year?!) and regular kit of: shorts/leggings/joggers/PE t shirt/tracksuits, sweatshirts and a pair of PE pumps (indoor) and old trainers (outside work/1 K a Day). Thank you.

*New Date* Headteacher Parent Coffee Afternoon

This will now be held on the last Friday of the term at 2.30 pm in the Library. I don't have a particular agenda for this meeting - it is just free and easy. Ask me anything; it is nice to spend some time with parents in an informal setting. I would like to see how you all felt about Open Week, Parents Evening and the communication you get from school/home - academic information plus general information. We are finally back to full strength in the Office so it would be good to see how can we can modernise/become more efficient- using less paper hopefully! All ideas welcome and we do provide nice biscuits. There will be some toys out for any pre-school children.

Have a lovely week,

Mrs Nunwick