You Said, We Did June 2019

You Said, We Did!


These are school responses to our ‘Even Better If’ section of the Parent Questionnaire. Thanks again for all those who took the time to share their ideas.

All children in the same year group eat lunch together

We are very limited to what we can do because we share the kitchen with the Infants. That’s why our pupils on school dinners have first sitting. Sorry about that.

More Trips – local area and beyond – and more work on growing things/music & other activities

We agree and our local area will play a key role in our learning next year. ‘Year Group Boarding Cards’ will go out to pupils in September. It will outline the trips and visits and visitors your child will experience. This is the core offer and whenever we find new places, we will add them in. I think we don’t use our local area as much as we can – it’s just a matter of a bit of research and ideas from parents and staff. For example, I only recently found out how much Longford Park offers pupils (free) and we could have a whole day there. We do sing all the time at Moss Park and take up all the music opportunities Trafford and the Halle have to offer. More visits from professional musicians will be booked next year and we will do Pop Project again. We are also getting chickens and having a whole school plan for our children to take charge of our growing and green spaces!

More provision made for less confident children

We will be expanding our Lunchtime Club in the Library to 2 days and we will have a range of mindful/quiet activities and traditional games for pupils in a nurturing space. This gives less confident children more chance to shine. We will prioritise Year 3 for the first half term and some of our older pupils who would also benefit from the club will help Mrs Valentine and Mrs Foster to lead the room on each day.

8.40 am. Please can the person on duty stand at the gate so they are more visible?

Yes of course! This is such an easy, quick fix. It can be hard to see the adult if they are walking around the field end of the playground. We hope you feel more secure dropping them in our playground.

Pupils attending Parents evening with parents.

This is a GREAT idea. It’s important that pupils and parents hear the same messages and that pupils have a voice in their learning. At my daughter’s school, the spring Parents’ Evening is arranged so you arrive together in a half hour slot, your child comes into the class to show you their books, then you have a a chat together with the teacher when they are free. I’m going to sound parents at MPJS out at the December parents’ Evening this year. I think the children would love it!